Call to Annual Session

We live in troubled times. Climate change & its results: Fires, loss of whole species of life, massive social dislocation, and the looming prospect of more to come. Wars and the threat of more wars. Bitter divisions surround us, and sometimes the divisions are between us and our neighbors. Increasing outbursts of racism and other forms of hate. And now, a pandemic, exacerbating humanity’s troubles. Governments in our own country and elsewhere seemingly unable to take effective action to deal with crisis, or even actually feeding the destructive processes.

As Quakers we are often called to take action. We know that our action will be best action when it is grounded in Spirit and in Love. We know that grounding in Spirit and Love is the fruit of our discernment in our communities. Annual Session has been an important way for us to come together as a community of Quakers to nurture and deepen our roots in Spirit and Love. Since we can’t gather physically this year, let’s gather virtually to build the strength, confidence and community that come from those roots.

Annual Session is Moving Online & Will Happen in 3 Phases
Thanks to everyone who responded to the recent survey about a virtual Annual Session for North Pacific Yearly Meeting. The Planning Committee is going ahead with plans to hold Annual Session online - primarily through Zoom meetings. We see the current crisis as an opportunity for Annual Session to be a much more accessible series of events for all. Being freed from limitations of time and space we can include Friends whose distance or schedules would otherwise not allow them to attend. 

Because of the current Covid-19 situation and the immediate need for Friends to support each other across distances, we have decided to roll out virtual Annual Session events and activities in three phases. The first phase, Weekly Worship Groups, has now ended. The second phase will be online presentations and Zoom Interest Groups during the evenings of July 10, 11, 17, and 18. The third phase will be during the focal period of traditional Annual Session activities, July 22 through 26.   

If you would like to lead a Worship Group or support the program in other ways, please visit this page to sign up.

Registration for the rest of Annual Session is available here through July 13th, when Registration closes. The registration process includes a request for a small contribution to pay for planning staff and extra Zoom accounts according to each person or family’s ability to pay. 

Interest Groups will begin meeting in early July and will continue through the original planned week of Annual Session. 

During our originally scheduled week of July 22-26, we will hold plenary sessions, daily Worship Groups, fun activities, and extra Interest Groups with ample time in between for breaks and activities encouraging physical exercise and relief from screen fatigue.

Please read more about our Virtual Annual Session here and consider if you may be able to help make this event a success. 

David Zeiss,
NPYM Presiding Clerk

NPYM 2020 Annual Session Event Planner

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