Reimbursement for Travel

Form for Travel Reimbursement

NPYM Policy on Reimbursement for NPYM-related Travel

Revised and approved by Coordinating Committee, July 2015

Annual Session

For assistance with expenses related to attendance at Annual Session, including travel, Friends may request assistance per the Financial Aid Policy for Annual Session (see This applies even to Friends attending Annual Session in an official capacity.

Committee Members

Friends are encouraged to ask for reimbursement or to report in-kind donations for expenses related to participation in committee meetings. Expenses for participation in other activities sponsored by a committee may be reimbursed at the discretion of the committee’s clerk. Such expenses are covered by the relevant committee’s budget. Ad hoc committee expenses are typically covered by the Coordinating Committee’s budget.


With approval of the Executive or Coordinating Committee, officers may be reimbursed for expenses related to travel in an official capacity that is outside the scope of activities covered by the other provisions of this policy. Such expenses are typically covered by the Coordinating Committee or by the budget line for Staff & Officer Training. (Note: The officers are listed in Article III of the bylaws; see

Representatives to Affiliated Organizations

NPYM encourages Friends possessing a variety of economic means, and particularly young adults, to serve as representatives to affiliated organizations. NPYM allocates a pool of funds in the annual budget to cover expenses of representatives, with any overruns covered from reserves. NPYM will reimburse all reasonable costs for all of the appointed representatives who attend the annual governance meeting(s) of an affiliated organization. It is assumed that all representatives will be thrifty in their arrangements, and limit reimbursement requests to essential expenses. Representatives who are financially able to do so are encouraged to cover a portion of their own costs, and to report those expenses as an in-kind contribution to NPYM. (Reimbursement is not available for expenses related to participation on an affiliated organization’s program or administrative committee; it is assumed that the affiliated organization will assist with those extra costs.)

Travel Among Other Branches of Friends

NPYM has a fund to assist individual Friends within NPYM who are led to visit other branches of our Quaker community in the United States (see


NPYM has a fund to help NPYM youth and young adults (ages 12–35) pay for activities that promote their spiritual growth as Quakers (see


Staff expenses, including for travel, are covered by the expense line items in the General Fund budget associated with their position.


Submit expenses to the NPYM Treasurer using the Reimbursement Form (available online at NPYM Reimbursement Form). Mileage for volunteers is reimbursed at the IRS rate for charitable deduction; mileage for employees is reimbursed at the rate for business deduction. Please attach receipts.