Youth Coordinator



Revised position description approved by Coordinating Committee, 3/2022



  • Member or attender of a Quaker meeting within NPYM.
  • Highly organized person with excellent time management, communication skills, recruitment skills, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Comfort with electronic communication (email, teleconference, videoconference). Provide own phone and service, as well as computer and internet access.
  • Ability to travel within the NPYM region
  • Successful completion of mandatory safety / background check in accordance with the NPYM Youth Safety Policy.
  • Ability to be available for Children’s Program staff during NPYM Annual Session (AS)
  • Awareness of the developmental needs of children and youth.
  • Openness to the breadth and depth of Quaker faith and practice within NPYM.
  • Ability to maintain a spiritual presence and awareness, a sense of humor, and perspective while responding to the needs of multiple constituents.


  • Familiarity with the NPYM Annual Session Children’s Program very helpful.
  • Experience in religious education in a Quaker context helpful.

WORKS WITH: Youth Committee, Annual Session (AS) General Arrangements Clerk, AS Physical Arrangements Clerk, AS Program Coordinator, AS Volunteer Coordinator, Junior Friends leadership, and families, staff and volunteers of the AS Children’s Program. Serves as a resource for Quarterly Meeting youth programs. Maintains connections with Quaker youth programs outside NPYM.

The Youth Coordinator is a member of the Coordinating Committee, the Annual Session Planning Committee, and the Youth Committee.


  • Plan, carry out, and evaluate all aspects of the Children’s Program at NPYM Annual Session, including the Youngest Friends (infants through elementary-school age) and the Central Friends (middle-school age).
  • Communicate with families about Annual Session Children’s Program and other NPYM activities for children and youth, through print and digital outreach materials as well as personal contact.
  • Recruit, train, and supervise paid staff members for AS Children’s Program.
  • Organize evening activities (“Children’s Activities”) as appropriate to the Annual Session schedule.
  • Provide administrative support to Junior Friends as needed. 
  • Travel requirements:
  • Annual Session site visits (at least two)
  • Annual Session
  • Quarterly Meetings, to the extent possible (Willamette, Pacific Northwest, Montana Gathering of Friends)
  • Monthly Meetings with active children’s programs 
  • Implement the NPYM Youth Safety Policy, including
  • running and reviewing background checks on all staff members and volunteers (note that the Youth Committee Clerk reviews the Youth Coordinator’s own background check);
  • ensuring required adult supervision levels;
  • training staff and educating NPYM Friends about safety and security policies and procedures concerning children and youth;
  • preparing, distributing, and collecting needed paperwork, such as sign-in pages and medical release forms.
  • Encourage communication among children and youth programs of Quarterly Meetings and the Yearly Meeting.
  • Maintain a Youth Coordinator Tasks and Timelines document with details, to-do lists, notes of challenges and responses, etc.; review this document with Youth Committee regularly.
  • Keep written records of time spent and activities performed to assist Personnel Committee with keeping the job description and total allowable hours up to date. 


EXPENSES AND TRAVEL: The Youth Coordinator is expected to provide their own phone and service, as well as computer and internet access. Reimbursement is provided for office supplies and expenses (phone calls, postage, copying, etc.) and travel (mileage is reimbursed at the federal rate, which is currently $0.555/mile). Expenses incurred for supplies for the AS Children’s Program are paid for out of the AS operating budget; all bills and requests for reimbursement, with all receipts, should be submitted to the NPYM Treasurer as soon as possible and no later than August 31.

COMPENSATION: The Youth Coordinator is paid once a month for hours worked. The hourly pay rate and the maximum number of hours are set by Personnel Committee. The Youth Coordinator submits time sheets and expenses for reimbursement to the Youth Committee Clerk for approval and to the NPYM Treasurer for payment.

The Youth Coordinator receives a full fee waiver for Annual Session, including program fee, lodging, and meals, as well as travel reimbursement.

HIRING AND SUPERVISION: The NPYM Youth Committee is responsible for interviewing and recommending a final candidate for this position. The Clerk of the Youth Committee serves as the supervisor, and is responsible for checking in regularly (e.g., at least monthly by phone and more often by email as needed) and for conducting an annual performance review. However, the formal hiring (and, if necessary, termination) is done by the NPYM Personnel Committee in accordance with NPYM personnel policies.