Young Adult Friends

Young Friends of North Pacific Yearly Meeting, recently re-formed, are a small (but nonetheless mighty) group of Friends aged 18-35 looking for chances to grow and expand. Since our inception, we have been looking for ways to reach out to those individuals who might be interested in being a part of our assembly. We hope that by asking Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups to extend our invitation into the community, we will come across a group of Friends who are still searching for a spiritual niche to call their own.

If you are, or know of anyone who might be, drawn to the idea of joining a group of young adult Friends to connect, communicate, and worship with, please let us know! We currently have a Facebook group, which is a great way to get connected and to be informed about our present issues. If you have any interest in joining our e-connection please visit

Another excellent way to get involved is to join us when we physically meet a few times a year, most regularly in the summer at Annual Session and again around New Years. If you are financially insecure, fear not! Grants and travel scholarships are available to those who need them.

Young Adult Friends Contacts

Clerk: Teague Harry (titanteague at
Coord. Cmt. Rep: Paul Christiansen (godsflunky47 at
Young Friends Respectful Relationships planner: Melina Larkin (melinabeena at and Emma Ewert (emu.ewert at

New Years Gathering of Western Young Friends provides an annual opportunity for young adult Friends (aged 18 through 35) to celebrate the new year together.

Friends General Conference's Quaker Youth website provides resources and networking opportunities for young Friends.