Yearly Meeting Secretary

Yearly Meeting Secretary

Job description revised: July, 2015

Approved: Coordinating Committee, July 8, 2015


HIRED BY: Personnel Committee with approval of Coordinating Committee (CC)


REPORTS TO: Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Coordinating Committee Clerk, Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk, members of Coordinating Committee, Treasurer, and others associated with NPYM

DEFINITION: NPYM Secretary provides support for the Coordinating Committee of NPYM; assists and supports CC Clerks and other officers, and performs tasks to support NPYM Annual Session.

Maximum billable time: 625 hours, annually, billed and paid monthly.


  • Maintains and oversees office equipment necessary to do the job. Computer & software, printer, communication devices. Purchases supplies necessary to do necessary tasks.
  • Carries out and responds to all correspondence relating to NPYM matters. May consult with Committee Clerks or forward material to appropriate person.
  • Keeps track of hours worked, separating Directory work from general Secretary work and submits time sheet in a timely manner
  • Tracks out of pocket expenses and keeps receipts for purchases. Submits expense reports in a timely fashion
  • Sends annual statistical report and request for directory updates to Meetings in a timely manner. Sends statistical report to the Treasurer for purposes of sending assessment notices
  • Updates the NPYM directory database with information returned by Meetings
  • Attends Coordinating Committee Meetings
  • Takes requests for updating the NPYM calendar and the conference call calendar on the NPYM website.
  • Updates the Coordinating Committee Index of Minutes
  • Attends Annual Session and maintains the NPYM office during Annual Session.
  • Publishes the NPYM Directory (CD’s and limited paper copies).
  • Maintains routine communication with Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk for purposes of supervision and potential trouble shooting.



- Flexibility, ability to work unsupervised, ability to prioritize.

- Detail oriented.

- Able to lift and move up to 35 lb.

- Willing to travel to Annual Session and Coordinating Committee meetings.

- Knowledge of NPYM structure and organization and knowledge of other Friends organizations.

- Computer knowledge: proficiency with a standard word processing program and spreadsheet program, and ability to scan documents. Database experience and Mac experience are helpful. Must also have proficiency with Adobe Acrobat and knowledge on how to do group e-mails. Basic computer troubleshooting skills are also useful.

EVALUATION: 6 months and one year then Annually by the Personnel Committee.

EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for:

- Office expenses, including office cell phone, internet, postage, printing and photocopying.

- Mileage is paid for travel to Annual Session and Coordinating Committee meetings at the established federal rate. Local mileage is paid for work related travel on behalf on the Yearly Meeting.

- Secretary will maintain a "petty cash" fund for office expenses to be reimbursed monthly by the Treasurer.

- A fee waiver will be provided to attend the NPYM annual session.

- NPYM will furnish basic office equipment and supplies necessary to carry out the expectations of the job.

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