North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Work Contributions for NPYM Annual Session

When choosing your TWO volunteer positions at AS, please give first consideration to helping with the Children's Program. Before the general volunteer tasks, we are providing a short list of ideas of where you could help with the Children's program. In the next section you will find all the job tasks with their assigned job codes.

Interested in the Children's Program?

There are many ways to help!

Thanks for being willing to help out with this year's Children's Program. We offer many different ways to spend time with NPYM's youngest Quakers. Following are some things to consider as you decide when and how you'd like to volunteer.

  1. The daytime Children's Program is divided into age groups. You may choose to help with ages from infant through Middle School. If you'd like to share in Friendly learning experiences, be interviewed about your Quakercraft, help plan a skit or write an epistle, sign up for "CP."

  2. Afternoon & Evening Children’s Program (Children’s Activities) is all ages together. If you are interested in a rousing game of Capture the Flag, a fierce game of cards or a field trip to Riverfront Park, sign up for “CA.”

  3. Junior or Central Friends Camp Driver. The Central and Junior Friends need help getting gear and themselves from Whitworth University to their camp destinations (both of which will be relatively close to Spokane this year). Consider volunteering to drop off supplies and teens at the end of annual session on Sunday afternoon: “DC” on your registration form.

Please use these JOB codes when filling out your (paper) registration form. They are offered as a pull-down menu on the online registration.


Jobs Before Annual Session:

ER = At the registration table

EO = Set up the NPYM Office

EB = Set up the Bookstore

EP = Carry luggage

EGC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts)



Jobs at close of Annual Session:

SC = Clean up after YM

SO = Clean and Pack up NPYM Office

SP = Carry luggage

SGC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts)

DC = Drive Jr or Central Friends to Camp

Jobs During the Annual Session


Children’s Program

(our greatest need)

CPA = Any age group

CPI = Infants and Toddlers

CPP = Preschool

CPE = Early Elementary

CPU = Upper Elementary

CPC = Central Friends

CA = Children's Activities (evenings)

SFT = Saturday Field Trip

Other positions

AW = Anywhere I am needed

G = Greeter

GC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts)

O = Staff NPYM Office

BH = Bookstore helper

MR = Mike runner during Plenary

MED = Doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc.

AA = Already assigned

U = Unable to contribute

When Do You Want To Work:

Before & After Annual session:

E = Early arrival on Wednesday

S = Sunday during / after lunch

T = Transport to camps after Annual Session


During Annual Session:

AT = Any time I’m needed

PS = During a Plenary session

WG = During a Worship Group

IG = During an Interest Group

F = During unscheduled time