The NPYM webkeeper will bring the NPYM website up tp date, repairing broken links, removing obsolete content, and adding currently relevant content as needed.  The webkeeper will also maintain  the website going forward, within the existing architecture and design.  The webkeeper will communicate on a regular basis with the NPYM secretary and committee clerks about removing items from the site as they become obsolete.  Decisions as to content of the NPYM website are NOT the responsibility of the webkeeper, but of the NPYM secretary and NPYM committee clerks.
*ability to edit websites built with Drupal
*competence with Word and Excel
*fluency in English
*ability to work independently as well as part of a team
*familiarity with the Religious Society of Friends 
$25.00 hourly.  It is expected that the initial work will require 10-20 hours, and that maintenance will require approximately 10 hours/month. 
The NPYM Information Technology Committee selects a candidate.
The NPYM Personnel Committee officially approves the hiring.
The webkeeper will be supervised by the clerk of the NPYM Information Technology Committee.