AS Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator




Job description approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


APPOINTED BY: NPYM at Annual Session

NOMINATED BY: NPYM Nominating Committee

TERM BEGINS: October 1


REPORTS TO: Annual Session General Arrangements Clerk

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: General Arrangements Clerk and other planning Annual Session activities that need volunteers, including food, bookstore, physical arrangements, children's program, registration, etc.

EX OFFICIO member of the AS Planning Committee


DEFINITION: Finds people to help with program and activity tasks during Annual Session & coordinates requests for Annual Session volunteers.




January through May

  • Early in January, contact the General Arrangements Clerk to find out who the various program coordinators are and what type of volunteer assignments are needed (children’s program, bookstore, registration, medical assistants, transportation, greeters, meal assistants, etc.)

  • Attend Annual Session Planning Committee meetings if possible.

  • Work with the registrar to make sure all volunteer needs are included in the volunteer sign up instructions on the registration form.


June to Annual Session

  • Contact all program coordinators to determine how many volunteers are likely to be needed, when they will be needed, and what tasks they will perform.

  • Work with the registrar to get information on attendees and their volunteer preferences. It works best to get this information twice, once right after registration deadline and once with information on late registrants about 7 to 10 days before Annual Session.

  • Make the volunteer assignments about two weeks before Annual Session.

  • Check with Physical Arrangements Clerk to find out best place to display the Volunteer Assignment sheets (so Friends can check their assignments and make changes). Pick two locations with good visibility, one near the registration area (on the first day of the Session), and one where worship groups and interest groups are posted.

  • It works best if volunteer assignments are also put in or on (with labels) the registration packets. Work with Registrar to arrange how to do this.

  • About 7 to 10 days before Annual Session begins, send written notification (email works well) to all volunteers with their assigned duties. This is especially important for those with assignments on the first day of Annual Session The notification should include a request for people to call the volunteer coordinator before Annual Session if they are unable to make their assignments. This saves a lot of last minute searching for volunteers for the first evening.


During Annual Session

  • Post the assignment sheets. Do this early so those attending Annual Session can make changes as soon as they discover scheduling conflicts.

  • Sit at the registration table on the first afternoon of registration to hand out volunteer assignments and make changes as needed.

  • After the first afternoon, have the registration volunteers or the Registrar include volunteer assignments when they hand out registration packets.

  • Through posted signs, announcements, and items in the Annual Session daily bulletin, let people know that requests for volunteers should be coordinated through you. Also let them know how you may be reached.

  • If volunteers do not sign up to perform needed tasks, you may need to make announcements, or to see that announcements are made requesting volunteer help.

  • Coordinate availability of medical volunteers. A beeper passed between volunteers during Annual Session works best.





Prepare a report/evaluation for the Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator files. Send a copy to the General Arrangements Clerk on, or before, August 21. This report should include information useful to next year's Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator (what worked, what didn't) and any changes you think should be made in the job, or the job description.

If you received a file with material from previous Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinators, sort through it, update the information, and add Your report/evaluation (and any materials you think are needed).


Return file to the General Arrangements Clerk BEFORE August 21.



EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy). Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit BEFORE August 21 reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer; identify as Annual Session expenses (the Annual Session books are closed on September 1).



One half of an Annual Session fee waiver, available upon request.