Thoughts for Visitors and Visited - Introduction

Thoughts for


in North Pacific Yearly Meeting

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) encourages intervisitation among Friends across the broad expanse of our yearly meeting. We have put together a few pages which may be helpful to those con­sidering visiting or hosting. A major resource for visitation is the NPYM Directory, the list of meetings and worship groups in NPYM which is revised and distributed to each meeting and wor­ship group annually by the Yearly Meeting Secretary. The list includes the location of meet­ing houses, the times and places of worship, and the contact information for clerks and contact people. Each quarterly meeting also maintains a list of isolated Friends who live far from any meet­ing or worship group. This list should be available in the Directory or from the Outreach & Visitation Committee. Together, these lists give the necessary infor­mation for taking the first step in visitation – the location of people and meetings which can be visited, and whom to contact.

The Outreach & Visitation Committee endorses a wide range of visits: group or indi­vidual, planned or unplanned, formal or informal. Since we are a widely scattered yearly meeting, we value all connecting links. Most of our meetings and worship groups have many members new to Friends. Both new and experienced Friends benefit from interac­tion and personal sharing.