Revised October 2008

Approved, NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009



APPOINTED AT: Annual Session

NOMINATED BY: NPYM Nominating Committee

NEEDS: Some experience is helpful.

TERM BEGINS: October 1 (The new Treasurer's practical activity begins after the Fall Coordinating Committee Meeting)

TERM LENGTH: 3 years

REPORTS TO: Annual Session, Coordinating Committee

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Coordinating Committee, CC Clerk, Finance & Legal Committee

MEETS WITH: Finance & Legal Committee but is not a member of that Committee. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee.



-Maintains the financial records of the Yearly Meeting. Provides NPYM bookkeeper with necessary records of income, expense, fund transfers, and copies of bank statements to maintain an accounting database.

-Receives and disburses monies for all funds of the Yearly Meeting including Annual Session and Junior Friends.

-Reports the financial status (separately) of the Annual Session and Yearly Meeting to the Finance & Legal Committee and Annual Session.

-Solicits assessments from the Monthly Meetings.

-Invites Monthly Meetings, Preparative Meetings, Worship Groups and individuals to contribute financially to the Yearly Meeting beyond the annual assessment.



TASKS & TIMELINE: Fiscal year October 1 through September 30.

**October through December**

.-Solicits assessments (first half due now) from Monthly Meetings based on number of adults (listed on Meeting's statistical report of June 1) for whom it will contribute an annual assessment. (Each Meeting may decide for how many of its adult members & active attenders it wishes to make contributions to the annual assessment.) N.B. Preparative Meetings' & Worship Groups' assessments are paid by their Monthly Meetings.

-Sends non affiliated groups letter with copy of budget & request for support.

-Pays at least half of Western Friend support as soon as possible.

-Helps General Arrangements Clerk develop preliminary budget & fees for Annual Session.


**January through Annual Session**

-Sends statements for second half of assessments due.

-Pays balance due for Western Friend, if any.

- Works with the Finance & Legal Committee to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year to present to Annual Session for approval.


**During Annual Session**

- Work with the Finance & Legal Committee to present a budget for the next fiscal year for approval at Annual Session.

- Prior to Annual Session prepare Treasurer’s report for Annual Session to cover the first nine months of the current fiscal year and a full reporting of the previous fiscal year. This report should include accounting of all NPYM funds.


EVALUATION: Prepares a report/evaluation for the Treasurer files. Sends a copy to the Finance & Legal Committee Clerk on, or before, September 21. This report should include information useful to next year's Treasurer (what worked, what didn't) and any changes you think should be made in the job, or the job description. If you received a file with material from previous Treasurer, sort through it, update the information, and add your report/evaluation (and any materials you think are needed). Return file to Finance & Legal Committee Clerk BEFORE September 21.


EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy). Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.




-Bank accounts should be moved/set up for the convenience of the Treasurer. Mail in service is essential, especially at the time of the Annual Session.

-Annual Session bills are due August 21; Annual Session books are closed September 1.