Transportation Coordinator

APPOINTED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee

NOMINATED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee

NEEDS: Lives in immediate vicinity of Annual Session site


TERM ENDS: August 31

REPORTS TO: General Arrangements Clerk

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Registrar, General Arrangements Clerk


DEFINITION: Meets special transportation needs of attenders prior to &

following Annual Session. Transportation Coord. should be available during the

days just prior to, & following, the AS.



**January throuqh March**

In March, provide Registrar with a brief announcement indicating someone

is available to help meet transportation needs, (if this information is to be

included on registration form). Notice should say who Transportation Coord.

is, how s/he can be reached, & types of help that will be provided. Clearly

state any deadlines.


**April to Annual Session**

Become aware of what is available in the way of local transportation.

Where are the Greyhound & Trailways bus stations and the train station located?

Is it possible to take a city bus from those stations to the Annual Session

site? What buses and trains will be arriving during the afternoon & evening

before Annual Session & which will be leaving following Annual Session. If

possible, obtain copies of schedules.


Be aware of whom people should contact if they need accommodations

before, or after, the Annual Session. Actually arranging for, or providing,

such accommodations is not part of the duties of the Transportation Coordinator

and is probably more the concern of the local Monthly Meeting and the

Hospitality Coordinator.


Arrange in advance for several people who are willing to meet planes for

incoming attenders. Suggest that they also assist with departures.


**After Annual Session**

Deliver people to their destinations.

EVALUATION: Prepare a report/evaluation for the Transportation Coordinator

files and send a copy to the General Arrangements Clerk on, or before, August

21. This report should include information useful to next year's Coordinator

(what worked, what didn't) and any changes you think should be made in the job,

or the job description.


Return file to the General Arrangements Clerk BEFORE August 21.


EXPENSES: Reimbursement is provided for supply expense (gas), "office

expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy) and mileage expense for the

responsibilities of this appointment. Submit BEFORE August 21 reimbursement

request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer; identify as Annual Session expenses

(the Annual Session books are closed on September 1).


*A flexible position created to meet the needs of a particular site. AS

Planning Committee should determine annually the need to fill this position

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