Thoughts for Visitors and Visited - Preparations checklist

The Outreach & Visitation Committee suggests consideration of the follow­ing ideas and questions, so that mutual expectations between hosts and visitors are clear, and so that prepara­tions can be checked.

I. Theme or concern

A. Visitor

  1. Have you made clear your concern and/or the subject(s) you wish to share?

  2. Do you need any equipment, e.g. tape re­corder, microphone, pro­jector, screen, computer, etc.?

B. Visited

  1. Have you shared your needs and what you hope the visitor will do and/or share with you?

  2. Do you want special re­sources brought, e.g. pamphlets, books, bibliographies, A/V me­dia...?

II. Schedule
A. Visitor

  1. Have you shared what you are willing and able to do in the way of different types of meetings (public, small discussions, me­dia, schools)?

2. If you are traveling from one group to an­other, has adequate time been allowed for travel, and have contact names been given to the preceding and succeeding groups? It is useful to develop such a schedule of visitation in consultation with groups to be addressed to avoid disap­pointment that every­one is committed elsewhere on the evening of your presentation!

3. Have you scheduled adequate rest, refreshment and private time?

B. Visited

  1. Have you shared with your visitor the kinds of meetings you expect (public, informal discussions, primarily Friends, me­dia, schools?)

  2. It is helpful to include an idea of the duration of meetings as well as approximate numbers and nature of groups.

  3. Visitors appreciate a rough schedule in advance, and a written, updated one, with host and contact names, address and phone, upon arrival. This is primarily valuable if a num­ber of different events are planned.

  4. Have you provided adequate time between events for transportation and for a breather? For a longish visit (over a day), have you provided rest time?

III. Travel and Hospitality
A. Visitor

1. Have you shared any personal preferences about where you stay; e.g. with a particu­lar family or person, in a motel, in your own camper or tent?

2. Have you clearly requested travel assistance if you need it, and made clear any other ex­penses that need to be covered?

B. Visited

  1. Have you made appropriate arrangements for accommodations, whether home hospi­tality, motel, campground, etc.?

  2. Have you planned when and where the visitor will eat and made clear if any meals will be in restaurants and how expenses will be handled? e.g. “We’ll be eating lunch on the run and will cover your expenses” or “We’ll all be going Dutch to a modest near-by restau­rant.” Be clear if a visitor is expected to fend for him/herself.

  3. Are you clear about travel costs, expressing what you can or cannot cover?

While the subject of money is not easy for Friends to discuss, it is only fair to visitors and hosts to know what to expect and/or what is possible. Sometimes a special resource per­son who is traveling in the area needs to ask for an honorarium. If a group especially in­vites someone, they should expect to contribute at least to travel costs. If a person is traveling under concern, he/she might ask for help, but should not expect expenses to be covered. Local travel probably is generally cov­ered by hosts. If a visitor chooses to stay in a m/hotel, he/she is usually expected to cover that. NPYM does not have any formal fund to assist in travel expenses for other than Jr. and Young Adult Friends, but may consider developing one, if the need arises.

IV. Other Needs

A. Visitor

  1. Have you shared with your hosts any special needs, e.g. dietary restrictions or prefer­ences, allergies, rest times, child­care needs, handicaps?

  2. Enjoy yourself!

  3. Be open to the unexpected and cherish it.

B. Visited

  1. Have you checked about special needs such as those listed above?

  2. Have you shared special features of your worship group or meeting – issues of inter­est, stage of development, strengths and weaknesses?

  3. Enjoy yourselves!

  4. Be open to the unexpected and cherish it.

V. Afterwards

A. Visitor

  1. How will you share your experience with your meeting or the Yearly Meeting?

  2. What help will you need to come home?

B. Visited

  1. What have you learned from hosing a visit, informal or formal?

  2. What help will you need to adjust for the next visitors? What do you have to share with others from this experience?