Thoughts for Visitors and Visited - Brinton Visitors


Howard and Anna Brinton were instrumental in initiating the Pacific Coast Association of Friends in 1931. In 1947, Pacific Yearly Meeting grew from the Association.

The nurturing role of the Brintons is commemorated in the Brinton Visitor Program. Although this cooperative venture of Inter-Mountain, Pacific and North Pacific yearly Meetings has been on hiatus, we have hopes of reviving some kind of similar traveling ministry of respected Friends.


Visitation is a two-way experience. A visitor will be ready to receive as well as give. Indeed a visitor with something of value to give will almost certainly find more received than given. Conversely, a meeting which wants to get the most out of a visit will “be prepared in mind and heart” for the visitor, and be ready to give as well as receive...

The spirit of expectancy will be found to rest to no little degree in practical prepara­tions made for a visit. ...

~ Ferner Nuhn

The Outreach & Visitation Committee suggests consideration of the follow­ing ideas and questions, so that mutual expectations between hosts and visito