While North Pacific Yearly Meeting is a regional organization whose members include local  "monthly meetings"  there are also other regional organizations within NPYM, which meet more or less quarterly. These are:


Meetings for Business

NPYM conducts its major business during Annual Session each year. During Annual Session, Meetings for Worship for the Conduct of Business are facilitated by the Clerk of NPYM.

The NPYM Coordinating Committee meets to connect and coordinate the work of the NPYM Standing Committees and Monthly Meetings. Each Monthly Meeting and Standing Committee appoints one member to the Coordinating Committee. The Coordinating Committee meets for a full day once in the Fall and once in the Spring and briefly during Annual Session. The Coordinating Committee occasionally will make decisions which cannot wait until the next Annual Session.

Opportunties for Service

There are many opportunities for service within NPYM. Check Job Descriptions for a list of volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in serving the yearly meeting, contact the Nominating Committee Another avenue of service is to represent the NPYM to other Quaker organizations. See Representatives for the organizations we support and the people currently serving in that way.

More information about the Friends way of conducting business can be found in our book of Faith & Practice.