North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Spring Coordinating Committee Meeting – Saturday, April 5, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear Coordinating Committee Members, Standing Committee Clerks, & Ad Hoc Committee Clerks,

This is a reminder about the 2nd Coordinating Committee Meeting for FY 2013-14 at University Friends Meeting, Seattle, WA April 5, 2014. The meeting brings us to the halfway point of our operating year and an opportunity to look both backwards at the work of ad hoc and standing committee work over the last 6 months and forwards towards Annual Session and the work that needs to be done before the completion of the NPYM year in September.

Dorene Cornwell of University Friends Meeting has offered to be the arrangements coordinator for our meeting. She is working with a small committee who will provide simple meals, can arrange overnight hospitality and rides to and from public transportation for those traveling in that fashion. Contact information for Dorene will be coming to you by e-mail from the NPYM Secretary shortly.

Committee Clerks:

I am beginning to build the agenda for this meeting and would be grateful to learn if you and your committee need time on the agenda to report activities, help discern directions or do other business. Written reports or documents would be very much appreciated and should be provided no later that 1 week prior to the meeting (Saturday, March 29). They can be e-mailed to me or the NPYM Secretary and will get posted on the NPYM website for members to collect and read. If you don't already have it my contact information will be coming to by e-mail shortly.

As always, our Mission and Vision statement inform us:

  • Serving as an ongoing resource to its Meetings, Worship Groups, and Isolated Friends by:

Fostering leadership; facilitating communication about and among Friends within NPYM; providing opportunities for education, service, and spiritual enrichment; encouraging visitation among Friends; publishing Faith and Practice and other resources; supporting Meetings and Worship Groups to make Quakers a more visible presence.

  • Nurturing spiritual development and a sense of community for our children and young people, and supporting their transition to adult participation in the life of Friends.

  • Supporting discernment and implementation of traditional and emerging concerns arising from Friends’ Testimonies.

  • Fostering relationships with the wider world of Friends.

I very much look forward to joining with you all again in worship, fellowship and coordination in April.

Chris Willard

Clerk, Coordinating Committee