Site Committee

Job Description: Site Committee

Revised October 2008

Approved: NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


Appointed by: NPYM at Annual Session (AS)

Nominated by NPYM Nominating Committee

Term Starts: October 1

Term Length: 4 years

Members: 6 (ideally 2 from each Quarter); serving overlapping terms.

Reports to: Presiding Clerk; Coordinating Committee

Works Primarily with: Presiding Clerk; Coordinating Committee (CC) Clerk; AS General Arrangements (GA) Clerk


Definition: Is responsible for making site recommendations to NPYM through the presiding clerk, CC Clerk, or GA Clerk and for locating and keeping a record of facilities where future Annual Sessions might be held.


Tasks and Timelines:

  • The committee explores sites and keeps a file of where annual sessions could be held. Much of the work of this committee is future focused. It takes about 2 years lead time to contract with a site and make the necessary arrangements for our Annual Session.

  • Evaluation of sites should be based on feedback to the committee, NPYM policies regarding accessibility, projected costs to use the site, and location.

  • Ideally the sites rotate on a 6 year cycle: 2 years in Western Washington; 2 years in Western Oregon; 2 years somewhere East of the Cascades.

  • Site committee shall report to Coordinating Committee on a regular basis providing information about potential sites for future years.

  • Site Committee shall also consult with CC committee about any recommendations for updates to site selection criteria; and or any problems with finding sites.

  • Based on the recommendations of CC, a report shall be presented to Annual Session with a recommendation for a site for 2 or 3 years in the future.

  • Once a site has been approved the Site Committee works the general Arrangements Clerk to facilitate getting a contract signed.

  • If a site falls through the Site Committee shall work closely with the YM clerks and General Arrangements Clerk to locate another site as quickly as possible.


Evaluation: The clerk of the committee prepares an annual report of the committee’s work and submits a copy to the CC Clerk by September 21. This report should include information that would be helpful to the next year’s committee including what worked (or didn’t); and any recommendations for changes to the job description.


The committee clerk shall update any files from past committee work and submit the committee file to the CC clerk by September 21.


Expenses and Travel: Reimbursement is provided for office expenses (long distance phone calls, postage copying, etc) Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Requests for reimbursement (or reports for “in kind” donations) with receipts should be submitted to the NPYM treasurer.


OTHER INFORMATION: The Site Committee is invited to find a Junior Friend and/or Junior Friends Advisor to accompany committee members on each site visit that is made, in order to evaluate each potential site for the needs of Junior Friends.



adopted January, 1992


1. Meeting Spaces

A} Dinning Hall - seating 500

B) Auditorium or large room - seating 450

C) 4-5 Spaces for large interest groups - 50-75 people

D) Up to 40 Spaces for interest groups & Worship Sharing - 20 people

(This may be high, 30 may be more realistic.)

E) Space for Infants and Toddlers - preferably child-proofed and with play area.

F) Space for Grade School Children (age less than 13) - total 100

G) Space (preferably a lounge) for Jr. friends (ages 13-18 some privacy preferred - 50 people

H) Lockable spaces for


arts & crafts


I) Space with lockable storage for registration

J) Sufficient furniture, meeting supplies and equipment(e.g. slide projectors & screens, chairs, sound systems, screens)

K) See recent AS schedules for approximate daily scheduling of meeting rooms.


2. Accommodations

A) Sleeping facilities for 300 (450 if no camping)

B) Camping area with access to restrooms and showers

(Very close commercial facilities if necessary.)

C) RV & Trailer Parking

D) Parking for cars



A) Ability to provide for all attenders:

What arrangements will the facility make?

Do they provide staff?

What style meals - cafeteria, family, banquet?

Flexibility in menus accommodating both vegetarian and meat-eaters?

What provisions for snacks (tea, herb tea, coffee, hot chocolate)?

We or they provide snacks? Extra costs?

B) Access to dining facility: can non-residents/day visitors eat?

Can outside food be eaten in the dining hall?


4. Consideration for those with limitations.

A) Audio systems and acoustics acceptable.

B) Building physical access (ramps, elevators, bathrooms) adequate?

C) Terrain and distance (proximity of sleeping to meeting and dining areas,

levelness, types of pathway/paving).

D) Heating/air conditioning appropriate for climate in both meeting and dorm areas


5. Costs

A) Dormitories:

per bed/ per room __________

children on floor __________

extra mattresses __________

linen service (optional) __________

B) Meeting spaces:

included or separate __________

rates __________

C) Meals within budget

All Days -

Thur - Sun Per Day

Adults: __________ __________

Children 6-12 __________ __________

Children 1-5 __________ __________

Other prices __________ __________

D) Campers:

Per person/per tent or RV__________ __________

E) Day use charge __________ __________


6. Other considerations

A) Public transportation how far

air __________

bus __________

train __________

B) Recreational facilities (gym, swimming, lake, bowling, etc.)?

on site _______________________________________________

nearby _______________________________________________

C) Rules:

can we live within their rules (dress code, dancing, etc.)?

E) Attitudes toward diversity: Can they accept our differences, minorities(including sexual minorities), and concerns for social issues?


7. Dates and Miscellaneous Details:

A) NPYM provides own insurance.

B) We do all pre-registration and on-site registration.

C) We want a site we can use 2 years in a row. We would like to return, if mutually satisfied, in 4 years.

D) NPYM usually gathers the 3rd or 4th week of July, Thursday a.m. - Sunday p.m.

Dates earlier or later are possible.