Rising Clerk



Position: Rising Clerk

Approved by NPYM Steering Committee, October 2008

Revised by NPYM Coordinating Committee, October, 2010


Appointed by NPYM Annual Session
Nominated by Nominating Committee
Term - one year
Begins October 1
Works with presiding clerk. 
Description  - The person in this position has been selected by the nominating committee as the nominee for presiding clerk.  In order to assist them in preparing for the job they shall be appointed as "rising clerk" one year prior to their appointment as presiding clerk. 
Tasks and timelines: Serves on Executive Committee. There are no other specific tasks for this position.  What is done depends on the individual in the position.
 The Rising Clerk shall work with and job shadow the presiding clerk in order to allow for a smooth transition as one clerk leaves and the other becomes the clerk. 
The Rising Clerk may use this year to personally prepare themselves to be clerk:  To set up a support committee, to lay down local meeting and other responsibilities, to attend workshops and retreats, to do contemplative work, etc. 
The rising clerk shall be appointed at the annual session prior to the outgoing clerk's  last year of service.  At the next annual session it is anticipated that they will be appointed as clerk to begin their duties in October of that year.  
 EXPENSES AND TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for office expenses (copies, postage, long distance phone calls) Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit these to the NPYM treasurer, with receipts prior to August 21.

With the approval of the Executive Committee funding for the Rising Clerk to attend workshops and retreats may be available if needed.