Representative to FPT

POSITION: Friends Peace Team Representative (FPT)


Revised October 2008; approved NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009

Revised July 2012; approved by Coordinating Committee, November 2012


Appointed by: NPYM at Annual Session

Nominated by: NPYM Nominating Committee

Term length: 3 years

Term begins: October 1


Members: Two, with overlapping terms


Reports to: Associate Clerk of Coordinating Committee and Peace and Social Concerns Committee.


Works primarily with: Peace and Social Concerns Committees, Associate Clerk of Coordinating Committee, and individuals in the Meetings throughout the YM.


Definition: Serve as a two way channel of communication between FPT and NPYM.



  • Meet with other representatives to divide up the work and make sure that the newer representatives have a sense of what they should be doing. See also the Convener’s job description below.

  • Reach out to Meetings and Worship Groups for the purposes of sharing information, identifying local liaisons, arranging in-person visits, and supporting other events related to the work of the organization.

  • Stay informed about Friends Peace Team activities.

  • Attend the annual FPT meeting and as appropriate participate in FPT organization.

  • Work with the NPYM Peace and Social Concerns committee, keeping them updated about FPT activities, needs and opportunities.

  • Attend NPYM Annual Session, and Quarterly Meetings when possible, and promote the organization by setting up a display and conducting an interest group. When it is FPT’s turn to be the featured agency at the NPYM annual session, representatives from NPYM need to take the lead in coordinating with FPT staff for planning this presentation.


EVALUATION: The representatives work together to prepare an annual report on the organization to NPYM and send a copy to the Associate Clerk of Coordinating Committee and the Clerk of Peace and Social Concerns by June 1. This report should focus on the activities of the representatives and matters related to the interests of Friends within NPYM, and may include information useful to next year's FPT representatives (what worked, what didn't) and any changes that should be made in the job, or the job description.


If files or a notebook was received with material from previous FPT representative updates information with current reports/evaluations and other materials that may be helpful. At the end of your term pass this information on to the new representative.


EXPENSES & TRAVEL: NPYM encourages Friends possessing a variety of economic means, and particularly young adults, to serve as representatives to affiliated organizations. Based on aggregate historical data and anticipated need, NPYM allocates a pool of funds in the annual budget to cover expenses of representatives, with any overruns covered from reserves. NPYM will reimburse all reasonable costs for all of the appointed representatives who attend the annual governance meeting(s) of an affiliated organization. Submit expenses to the NPYM Treasurer using the reimbursement form (available online).


Reimbursement is not available for expenses related to participation on a program or administrative committee; it is assumed that the affiliated organization will assist with those extra costs. It is assumed that all representatives will be thrifty in their arrangements, and limit reimbursement requests to essential expenses. Representatives who are financially able to do so are encouraged to cover a portion of their own costs, and to report those expenses as an in-kind contribution to the YM.


For travel to Coordinating Committee meetings, travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. For attendance and travel to Annual Session, Friends may request assistance per the NPYM financial aid policy.


OTHER INFORMATION: It is NPYM policy (1996) not to send substitutes to annual meetings if the NPYM appointed representative cannot attend.


CONVENER: One of the representatives (typically the longest serving) is appointed through the regular NPYM nominating process as a Convener to help the representatives coordinate their activities.


The Convener has the following responsibilities (which may be delegated to another representative):

  • Coordinate production of an annual report on the organization by June 1.

  • Coordinate an extended oral report or other program presentation from the organization (on a rotating basis with other affiliated organizations) OR make a brief (five minutes or less) pitch during a plenary at Annual Session on the activities of the organization.

  • Coordinate a display table for the organization at Annual Session.

  • Coordinate an interest group related to the area of focus or activities of the organization at Annual Session.

  • Work with the Nominating Committee to identify potential candidates to serve as future representatives for the organization.