AS Registrar

Annual Session Registrar

Job description approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009


Appointed by: NPYM at Annual Session

Nominated by NPYM Nominating Committee

Term Starts: October 1

Term Length: 2 years

Reports to: General Arrangements Clerk; Presiding Clerk

Works Primarily with: Presiding Clerk; Coordinating Committee Clerk; General Arrangements Clerk; YM treasurer; YM Secretary; & NPYM M&O Clerk. Is a member of the Annual Session (AS) Planning Committee.


With the help of AS Planning Committee may appoint other Friends to help with the registration process.


Needs: Must have computer experience including familiarly with software programs used by NPYM. Must have access to a computer.


Definition: Registrar for Annual Session


Tasks and Timelines:


October – January

  • Works with Gen Arrangements to develop AS budget and set fees for AS


January – April

  • Develop Registration form based on input from AS Planning Committee, presiding clerk, treasurer, and other committees

  • Assists with development of registration packet


April to Annual Session

  • With help from Secretary distributes Annual Session packets

  • Works with Outreach and Visitation Committee to make sure registration material gets out to isolated Friends and small worship groups

  • As registration materials come in compiles data on housing, food, children, Jr. Friends, Worship Groups, Interest Groups, financial aid requests etc, and forwards information to appropriate clerks

  • Periodically deposit all checks and money received in the NPYM bank account. (Registrar receives funds; treasurer disburses funds)

  • Keep record of all transactions

  • Work with Monthly Meetings to collect financial assistance that is coming from meetings.


Pre Annual Session into AS

  • In consultation with site, makes room assignments; get food cards, etc.

  • Sets up procedures for registration at AS. On the first day, registration should be open in time for committee members to register before afternoon committee meetings

    • At a minimum, registration should be open first day of AS and during meal times.

    • Use Volunteers to help with registration process

  • Prepare statistical report for presentation at a plenary session. (Consult with presiding clerk for time of presentation).


Post Annual Session

  • Work with Treasurer to facilitate refunds and or collect outstanding funds

  • Work with Treasurer to close the financial books for AS (by August 31).




Prepare an annual report of the work and submit a copy to the General Arrangements Clerk by September 21. This report should include information that would be helpful to next year’s registrar including what worked (or didn’t); and any recommendations for changes to the job description.

The registrar shall update any files (from previous registrars) and submit the committee file (including a copy of this year’s report) to the General Arrangements clerk by September 21.


Expenses and Travel:

Reimbursement is provided for office expenses (long distance phone calls, postage copying, etc) Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Requests for reimbursement (or reports for “in kind” donations) with receipts should be submitted to the NPYM treasurer

Other Information: One Annual Session fee waiver, available upon request.