Approved October, 2008

APPOINTED BY: NPYM Coordinating Committee

APPOINTED AT: Spring meeting of Coordinating Committee

NOMINATED BY: Coordinating Committee. Members shall be nominated from the floor at the CC meeting. The nominations shall be from those who are present at the meeting and they have the right to accept and or decline. If at all possible, one person should have served previously on the pre-nominating committee.

TERM BEGINS: as soon as appointed.

TERM LENGTH: Until a full Nominating Committee slate has been approved.

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Coordinating Committee, NPYM Nominating Committee, Preparative, Monthly and Quarterly Meeting Nominating Committees.

DEFINITION: The committee should have 2 or 3 members. They are to bring nominations for the Nominating Committee, including a Clerk, to Annual Session for approval.

TASKS: Consult with current Nominating Committee to determine needs – who is completing their term, balance - and for suggestions.

Gather ideas by consulting with CC members for suggestions (right at that spring meeting), Nominating Committees from Quarterly, Monthly and Preparative Meetings anyone else they think would have good ideas, e.g. M&O.

Discern whom to ask.

Once the committee has discerned whom to ask, ask those people if they are led to serve NPYM in this way. Keep going until they have a slate.

Bring slate to Annual Session for approval.

TIMELINE: The job takes place between the spring Coordinating Committee meeting and Annual Session of that year. If the committee finds it impossible to fill the Nominating Committee by the end of Annual Session, it should bring any other nomination to Coordinating Committee or Executive Committee, depending on the timing of meetings.

MEETINGS: The committee will meet by phone, after the CC meeting.

Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy) for these responsibilities. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.

There is no reimbursement for travel to Committee meetings at Annual Session.