North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary Session # 8, Completion of Approval of Nominations, Budget Approval, Epistles, Registrar’s Report

Plenary Session #8

July 19, 2015

10:00 am – 10:45 am

2015-8-1 Minutes from Plenary Session #7

Minutes from plenary session were read and approved with the suggested changes: using a separate attachment for the material spoken by Multnomah Meeting members who presented about inclusivity and safety while retaining the final paragraph of the Multnomah minute, which they had approved in April 2015.

2015-8-2 Completion of Approval of Nominations

At this time, the committee will not bring us the most recent nominations that have not yet been published. These will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval.

The new nominations published previously during this session were approved.

2015-8-3 Budget

The budget was approved as submitted.

2015-8-4 Announcement from Outreach and Visitation Committee

Clerk Elee Hadley and committee member Pablo Stanfield reminded us of their call and their work, which is to make connections and encourage contact between Friends in the wide reaches of our yearly meeting. They encourage all of us to take on this mission. Their business is not just to reach out to worship groups and isolated Friends as some perceive. Their work is to make connections among all groups throughout the Northwest. They will soon be distributing a draft establishing a traveling visitor program by which individuals can offer their leadings to travel and groups can invite visitation. O&V can serve as a clearing house, help develop itineraries, and can support travel financially.. We are asked to be attentive to the draft of their program that we will soon receive and are reminded of the pamphlet Visitors and the Visited, available on our website and in your libraries. They welcome our ideas.

2015-8-5 Announcement from Peace and Social Concerns Committee (PSC)

During this annual session, the Peace and Social Concerns Committee held sessions about issues of injustice—economic and otherwise. We are called to consider the matter of white privilege. Five people have volunteered to become a working group to study racism and white privilege, under the care of PSC. Their task is to develop concerns and responses to these issues.

In response, one speaker thanked those who have brought us this concern—especially about how we have fabricated definitions based on race and other aspects. This Friend relies on this community to support efforts to make changes in the wide-ranging occurrences of injustices and hopes for an on-going effort to be generated by this yearly meeting, making it an important part of our work.

Clerk Rawson encouraged further work on these extremely important issues.

2015-8-6 Epistles

We received epistles from the pre-school children, early elementary children, Central Friends, and Junior Friends. We were reminded that upper elementary children presented the gist of their epistle during the community night event by wearing hats reflecting early Quaker history. Epistles that were received in writing are available separately. Add links to epistles from lower elementary children and Junior Friends.

The members of the Epistle Committee (Jana Ostrom, Susan Campbell, Jim Humphrey) thanked all Friends who made comments on the first draft of the document for this session as a whole.

In the Epistle from NPYM to Friends world-wide, the content included references to the Quaker play program prior to the opening of annual session, to Robin Mohr’s presentation, the report from Nominating Committee, the Junior Friends’ session about their Guatemala service trip, Anna Fritz’s concert, and the report from Multnomah Meeting concerning transgender and other gender issues. A proposal to add a line to the epistle to state that our Peace and Social Concerns Committee has formed a working group on racism and white privilege was approved. The full epistle is available separately. Add link to the final epistle.

2015-8-7 Registrar’s Report

Registrar Kim Williams reported on the numbers of people attending in each age group as well as the total attendance and the proportion of first-time attendees.

Number Attending Number, First Time

Infants and Toddlers



Preschool Children



Early Elementary Children



Upper Elementary Children



Central Friends



Totals for Children’s Program



Junior Friends



Young Adult Friends



Other Adults







For the Children’s Program, 30% were participating for the first time. For the total in attendance, 17% were here for the first time.

The registrar also reviewed check-out details.

2015-8-8 Minutes from Plenary Session #8

Minutes were read and approved.

2015-8-9 Announcement

Clerk Tom Rawson announced that Warren Ostrom will be presiding Clerk of the 2016 Annual Session, which will be held July 13 – 17 at Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington. The Friend-in-Residence will be Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.