North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary Session #7 - Sat AM

2013.18 Minute of Record: Clerk's announcement

2013.19 Ad Hoc Youth Safety Policy Implementation Committee

2013:20 Ad Hoc Committee on Relationship of NPYM to Monthly Meetings


Plenary Session #7

Saturday July 20, 2013

8:30 - 10:30 AM

The Plenary gathered in song and waiting worship.

2013.18 Minute of Record: Clerk's announcement.

The Presiding Clerk has begun a letter to Ken and Katherine Jacobson--next year's Friends in Residence. It is posted in the plenary room. Friends are invited to add their greetings and welcome .

2013.19 Ad Hoc Youth Safety Policy Implementation Committee Framing: Clerk Chris Cradler reported the membership of the Committee: Lynn Travis, Tara Urner , Elee Hadley, and presented its report .

Recommendation: That the ad hoc Committee be laid down.

Minute of Decision: The Annual Session approved the recommendation to lay down of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting ad hoc Youth Safety Policy Implementation Committee.

2013:20 Ad Hoc Committee on Relationship of NPYM to Monthly Meetings

Framing : The Committee presented two documents, Background for 2013 AS and Excerpt from AS Decision Making Committee , these were posted in the plenary room and on

Create a new Ad Hoc Committee with a charges to

  1. survey the monthly meetings, worship groups and isolated Friends to spark discussion there about the relationships among the Annual Session, the Yearly Meeting and themselves.
  2. lead a discussion throughout NPYM on the effect that greater participation in the Annual Session would have for the participants and for their local meetings.
  3. consider of how to make the Annual Session as affordable for families with children as possible.
  4. support and develop empowerment of all to participate
  5. to encourage increased attendance and participation in the Annual Session.

Minute of Exercise (questions, comments and concerns from the floor of the plenary)

Minute of Decision: After extensive discussion no unity has arisen. The Executive Committee will work with the Minutes of Exercise to see if they can come back with a minute tomorrow. Approved.

The plenary closed in an extended period of worship-sharing during which Friends expressed concerns that flowed from the discussion above related to the condition of North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Recording Clerk's Note: There was not time during this plenary to address all items of business scheduled due to unanticipated length of the Exercise on some items of business and the extended worship that followed.

The Presiding Clerk asked the plenary whether these other items of business could be addressed on the following morning, July 21 at 9:30 AM. Friends approved.