North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary Session #2 - Thu AM

2013:1 Roll Call of meetings and Introductions.

2013.2 Introductions.

2013.3 Ministry and Oversight Committee

2013.4 Nominating Committee

2013.5 Finance and Legal Committee

2013.6 Ad Hoc Committee on Children's Program Staff

Plenary Session #2
Thursday July 18, 2013
8:45 - 10:15 AM

The Plenary gathered in song and waiting worship.

2013:1 Minute of Record: Roll Call of meetings
The Clerk read the roll call of meetings and worship groups, with members and attenders present from each standing as their the name of their gathering was called.

2013:2 Minute of Record: Presiding Clerk's Welcome
Clerk, John Allcott, welcomed everyone and introduced our time together at the 2013 gathering of Friends at the Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting. Our theme this year is “Not by My Strength Alone: Laboring Beyond Our Comfort Zone” to be addressed by our Friends in Residence, Becca and Paul Mohally Renk during Plenary Session #3.

Introductions of Annual Session planners, coordinators and teachers

  •  General Arrangements: John Etter
  •  Physical Arrangements: Dave Eck
  •  Program: Lyn Gordon
  •  Volunteer Coordinator: Lilly Mim
  •  Registrar: Margaret Coahran

Lynn Travis Introduced Teachers for Children's Program

  • Children’s Program: Coordinators: Lynn Travis, Cynthia Black
  • Jr Friends Advisors: Joe Snyder and Meghann Willard,
  • Central Friends Advisors: Michael Sharp, Ethan Berleman, Megge Van Valkenberg
  • Upper Elementary: Jon Strobhen, Janet Grove
  • Pre-K Meghan Peterka, Emma Ewert, Jana Ostrom
  • Early elementary: Katherine Spinner

Jana Ostrom introduced the Epistle Committee.

  • Jana Ostrom
  • Angie Alexander
  • Elinor Jordan.

After this introduction the children and their teachers left for their program.

Introductions and recognition of observers and guests from other yearly meetings followed

  • Becca and Paul Mohally Renk, Jubilee House Community, Ciudad Sandino, Friend in Residence
  • Dell and Suzanne Livingston, North West Yearly Meeting.
  • Alicia Lucasi: from Bolivia, Iglesia Nacional Evangélica Los Amigos de Bolivia
  • Rebecca Sumner: Quaker Volunteer Service Coordinator and a member of North West Yearly Meeting
  • Michael Ouida, Friends General Conference_
  • Tom and Sally Farley, Palo Alto Monthly Meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting
  • Julie Peyton,, North West Yearly Meeting
  • KeChristine Hall is NPYM visitor to North West Yearly Meeting Annual Session
  • Mary Klein, editor Western Friend

Information Management

The Clerk spoke of efforts to reduce the paper consumption at Annual Session. All reports from committees have been placed on the NPYM website. Hard copies of those reports will be printed and posted in the plenary space for Friends' reference. Attention was called to a document entitled "Note Taking/Minute Making" posted in the plenary space. It explains the outline, process and vocabulary that is being used to create the Account of Proceedings ("the Minutes") for the Annual Session.

Accounts of each plenary session will be posted in the plenary space by the beginning of the next plenary for Friends' reference. Friends presenting a report during the plenary, if it was not previously posted on the NPYM website, are requested to provide a written copy to the recording clerk to ensure accuracy in the Account of Proceedings.

Emergent Concerns

The Clerk asked that emergent concerns to come directly to him. He reminded Friends that the good order of Friends is to season concerns in Yearly Meeting committees, worship groups, preparative, monthly and quarterly meetings to prepare them as mature items of business for the floor of Annual Session.

Events of Note on Annual Session Agenda

The Clerk concluded report by calling Friends' attention to two events on this year's Annual Session Friday agenda: the Simple meal at lunch on Friday (proceeds to be donated to Jubilee House in Nicaragua) and the Quaker Fair (a chance to learn about Quaker organizations) in the evening,

2013:3 Ministry and Oversight Committee

Framing: Georgia Foster, Clerk of Ministry and Oversight Committee, brought a recommendation to Friends that terms of service on that committee begin at the Annual Session rather than in October, as stipulated by the Committee job description. New members on the nominating slate for approval are Warren Ostrom, Jane Ewert, Nancy McLauchlan and Dorsey Green.

Minute of Decision: Immediate service on MO for these new members was approved.

2013:4 Nominating Committee

Framing: Janet Jump, Clerk of Nominating Committee presented a Committee Report and a slate of recommended nominations to positions. These reports were posted in plenary room and on the website.

The Committee recommended approval of the proposed slate of nominations.
Discernment on the Nominating Committee's recommended slate will occur during Plenary #5

2013:5 Finance and Legal Committee

Framing: Finance and Legal Committee presented a committee report, a financial statement and a proposed budget for FY 2013. These reports were posted in the plenary room and on the  The Committee recommended approval of the proposed budget. Discernment on Finance and Legal Committee's proposed budget will occur during Plenary #7.

2013:6 Ad Hoc Committee on Children's Program Staff

Framing: The ad hoc Committee on Children's Program Staff has submitted its report. This report was posted in the plenary room and on
The Committee report recommended that a part time employee be hired to co-ordinate children's and youth program activities.

Minute of Exercise (questions, comments and concerns from the plenary floor):
Discernment on the recommendation that a part time employee be hired to co-ordinate children's and youth program activities will occur during Plenary #5.
Plenary #2 closed in waiting worship.