North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary #8 - NWYM report, P&SC Minute, Epistles, Registrar report

Plenary Session #8

Saturday, July 27, 2014

10:00 -10:45 AM

2014:28   2014:29  

Questions, Comments and Discussion[Q 8.1].


Questions, Comments and discussion [Q 8.2]   Minute of Decision

2014.31   2014.32

Minute of Decision

2014:33  Minute of Record

2014:34 Minute of Record

The Plenary gathered in song and waiting worship

2014:28 Farewell from Ken and Katherine Jacobsen (8.1), our Friends in Residence during Annual Session 2014 was read out by the Presiding Clerk.

2014:29 Report from North Pacific Yearly Meeting Visitor to Northwest Yearly Meeting

Friend Nancy Irving gave her thanks for being allowed to be our official visitor at the Yearly Meeting. She introduced our visitors from NWYM and talked about her experience among them. She reported that there were 500 in attendance at their Annual Session, at least 100 of whom are under the age of 20.

Friend Nancy discussed some of the ways our two yearly meetings differ from one another. Many NWYM Friends are related to one another, descendents of the Iowa Yearly Meeting Friends who moved to Newberg in the 19th Century to farm. They have a more common spiritual language than we do, and consider their Faith and Practice to be prescriptive, rather than the way we see ours as being descriptive.

Connections have been created between our two yearly meetings in the past 20 years or so and the major impetus in drawing us nearer to one another has come from the women in both Yearly Meetings. The Quaker Women's Theological Conference has been an important venue for them to meet and come to know one another in fellowship.

They have theological tensions, as we do and this year one of these was at the center of their proceedings. The theme of their Annual Session came from Jeremiah's faith in the future after a period of exile, this relating to the conversation about diversity and human sexuality that has been happening over the last few years. The superintendent of the Yearly Meeting has pleaded for a five year moratorium during which no meeting will be expelled and none will perform marriages.

The President of George Fox also attended there Annual Session to talk about the controversy surrounding on-campus housing for a trans-gender student. Although there exist differences among Friends over some aspects of this situation, and the controversy has garnered national news attention, all agree that the person at its center wants to be at George Fox and George Fox wants him to be there.

Questions, Comments and Discussion[Q 8.1].

2014:30 NPYM Peace and Social Concerns Committee Report and Recommendations

The Committee Report (8.2) was posted in the Plenary Room and at Kate Hunter, Clerk of the Committee presented the report on the meeting.

Kate Hunter also presented a Minute (8.3) urging Congress to repeal the Authorization for Repeal of the Use of Military Force. Described the origin of the Minute and how it has been presented and seasoned throughout the Yearly Meeting. The proposed minute was posted in the Plenary room and at

An action plan was also presented.

Questions, Comments and discussion [Q 8.2]

Minute of Decision: The meeting accepted the Report of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee.

The meeting approved the Peace and Social Concerns Committee's proposed Minute urging repeal of Authorization of Use of Military Force, including a footnote that this decision was made by unity and an action plan.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk. 

2014:31 Acceptance of Epistles from Children's Program

The Epistle of the Pre-School Friends -- The preschoolers "wrote" their epistle on a scroll. Lynn Gordon and Megan Petarka displayed this scroll explaining the things they liked at Annual Session.

The Epistle of the Early Elementary Friends wrote epistles to one another, notes of affection and respect on body tracings. One of these very young Friends explained the tracings and comments to the Plenary.

The Epistle of the Upper Elementary Friends (8.4)

The Epistle of the Central Friends (8.5)

The Epistle of the Junior Friends (8.6) will send

Young Adult Friends expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have the plenary Thursday night.

2014.32 Discernment: NPYM Annual Session Epistle

NPYM Epistle was presented by the Committee, consisting of Jana Ostram, Elinor Jordan, Angelia Alexander

Minute of Decision: The Final Draft of the 2014 Annual Session Epistle (8.6) was accepted as amended.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk.

2014:33 Minute of Record: Registrar's Report

The Recording Clerk read out the Registrar's Report (8.7) of the statistical profile of those attending the Annual Session 2014.

2014:34 Minute of Record

The Clerk Announced that North Pacific Yearly Meeting 2015 Annual Session will be held July 15-19 at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. He hoped that a visitor from FGC will be able to attend.  In The Light.  including the name of he Friend in Residence who is a founder of QVS

The Plenary closed in waiting worship.

To do:

get junior friends epistle (Joe Snyder)

What are the details of next year's Annual Session and who is the Friend in Residence? (Presiding Clerk)