North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary #7 - Western Friend presentation; Decisions - Nominating, AdHoc Communications, Discipline Committee report

Plenary #7

July 26, 2014

8:30 - 10:00 AM

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Framing   Questions, (Q 7.1).   Comments and discussion  Minute of Decision


Framing   Questions and Concerns   Minute of Decision


Framing   Questions, [7.2] comments and discussion in the discernment.    Minute of Decision

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The Plenary opened in song and waiting worship

2014:20 Excerpt from State of Society Report of

University Meeting:

"For more than a decade, University friends meeting has been openly addressing people's needs around the topic of sexual violence. We committed ourselves to a triple ministry: safety for our children, support for adult survivors of sexual abuse, and spiritual support for known sexual offenders in our community. One person completed his sentence this last year, and developed his own Lifetime Safety Plan, which the meeting then adopted for our use as well."

South Seattle Monthly Meeting:

"The clerk of Education Committee was trained in "Godley Play," and this year a new curriculum with the bland of quote Godley Play" and "faith and Play" stories was implemented. Faith and Play is the Quaker on the Godley Play model written by Friends General conference and purchased from them with the approval of Meeting for Worship for Business, as advised by the Finance Committed.

"Both use Montessori materials, a storytelling style and room for children to ask wondering questions and explore their faith in a supportive environment."

2014:21 Report from Quaker Organizations, Western Friend

Representatives to Western Friend are Alan ­­­Mountjoy-Venning from Olympia and Sakre Edson from Eugene Monthly Meeting/Florence Worship Group, Rick Seifert Multnomah and Leni Skarin, Tacoma Friends.

Report ( 7.1)of the Representative Committee was posted in the Plenary room and on The Clerk read the first paragraph of the report and then introduced Leni Skarin who introduced Mary Klein, Editor of Western Friend and member of Palo Alto Monthly Meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Friend Klein used a power point (7.2) as the basis of her presentation.

2014:22 Minute of Concern

A concern was raised that the Report (7.3) of the Ad Hoc Committee on Family Affordability is no longer on the agenda.

answer: Presiding Clerk reported that this report was on the agenda originally but the time availability required changes. The report has been posted and will be forwarded to the Coordinating Committee for consideration.

2014:23 Presentation of the Nominating Committee Report and Recommendations. Due to time constraints during Plenary #6 discernment regarding the Committee's report also took place at this time.

Committee Members: Janet Jump, Clerk, Paul Christiansen, Asia Bennnet, Cliff Montjoy Venning, Katheryn Willard

Framing: The Report (7.4), of the Committee the Slate (7.5) of Friends holding offices or serving on committees, and a list of open positions (7.6) were posted on the Plenary Wall, at and summarized by the Clerk of the Committee.

Janet Jump told the Plenary that when filling positions the Committee tries for a balance of age, experience and geographical distribution. They also encourage limiting membership to two terms on the same committee. People need not be official members of a committee to participate in its business.

Paul Christiansen, rising clerk of nominating, presented a survey that will be used for Friends to indicate interest in opportunities for service. This will help avoid calls to people who are not expecting them to do things they had not considered doing.

Questions, (Q 7.1).Comments and discussion

Minute of Decision: The meeting approved the slate presented by Nominating Committee.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk.

2014:24 Discernment: Budget Committee Report and Recommendations

Carl Abbot and Laura Arcidiacano, co-clerks, Johnathan Brown, Tom Head and Lee Bennet

Framing: Proposed Budget for FY 2015 [5.1] and Finance and Legal Committee Report [5.2] for 2013-14 and a financial statement [5.3] and Questions and Comments [Q 5.1] from the floor during Plenary #5.

Questions and Concerns


Minute of Decision: The meeting accepted the Report from the Committee and approved the FY 2015 proposed budget as presented.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk.

2014:25 Discernment regarding the Ad Hoc Committee on NPYM Communications Report and Recommendations

Committee members: Lucretia Humphrey, Clerk, Clint Wiemeister, Laurie Chillers, Pablo Stanfield and Carol Uhte and Jane Ewert

Framing: The discernment was based on the Report [5.4] of the Committee that was summarized and presented during Plenary #5, and on the Discussion [Q 5.2] that followed.

Clerk Lucriatia Humphrey reported that their Interest Group here at Annual Session was a rich discussion of their Report.

They asked the Annual Session to accept their report and lay down their Committee. The Clerk of Coordinating Committee has told them that in time that Committee would prioritize the findings and recommendations in the Report assign responsibility to move them ahead.

Questions, [7.2] comments and discussion in the discernment.

Minute of Decision: The meeting accepted the Committee's report and approved the laying down of the Ad Hoc Committee on Communications. The meeting requested taking the concerns expressed back to Coordinating Committee to season, co-ordinate and implementing recommendations, and asked Monthly Meetings to read and consider the Report in their business process.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk.

2014:26 Report of Committee on the Discipline

Co Clerk of the Committee on the Discipline Debbie Townsend reported that the revised "Practice" chapters of the Faith and Practice are ready for use by Friends. When those occasions arise that reference would have been made to the book please now turn to these chapters.

She reported appreciate the help the meetings and worship groups have given us by commenting on and helping to shape these new chapters. Please continue to do that by reporting to us how these new chapters are working out for you.

As the meetings begin to use these chapters the Committee will turn to the "Faith" chapters.

2014:­­27 Report of the Epistle Committee

The Committee read the first draft of the Epistle which was taped to one of the tables in the back of the room. A copy was also left in the office.

Friends are invited to make comments and suggestions, either to members of the committee or by leaving notes on the drafts available for review.

The final draft of the Epistle will be presented during Plenary #8 tomorrow.

The Plenary closed in waiting worship.