North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary #6 - Discernment and Decision - Structure Evaluation

Plenary Session #6

July 25, 2014

10:30 - 11:55 AM

2014:18  2014:19

Framing  Questions(Q 6.1)  Comments and discussion Minute of Decision

The Plenary opened in waiting worship

2014:18 Excerpt from State of Society Report of Bozeman Worship Group

"The Bozeman group is tiny and we are mindful of our limitations, yet aware that our worship does provide an important respite from the difficulties of our daily lies. We often find just what we needed to hear in worship. And we encourage our attenders to be faithful in the discipline of seeking the Spirit in this precious way."

2014:19 Discernment: Recommendations of NPYM Committee on Structure Evaluation

Framing: Committee Report (2.3) posted on Plenary wall and at and Questions and Comments from Plenary 2 (Q 2.3), which were summarized by Co-Clerk Ann Stever.

Also, responding to some of the Questions and Concerns from yesterday's Plenary the Co-Clerk Stever stated that the proposal began as one to reduce the size of Coordinating Committee due to what seemed like a lack of energy to support participation. Such a proposal was brought to April Coordinating Committee meeting where an atmosphere of engagement had replaced previously perceived lethargy.

That is where the current proposal came from, one that put less pressure on meetings but still provided the opportunity for participation, either directly or through a partnership arrangement (envisioned as being a role, largely, of meetings partnering with one another) described in the recommendation.

Those members of Coordinating Committee that the report recommends be "partnered" with meetings (most likely members from monthly meetings) would be both reporting to those partner meetings about Coordinating Committee activity but also taking information from the partner meeting back to the Committee about that partner's resources and activities and whether there is anything they would like from the Yearly Meeting.

The Committee also suggested that if no "partners" were available to network with monthly meetings Coordinating Committee might consider utilizing "at large members," selected after being nominated by the Nominating Commitee.

The report recommends some re-arranging and elaboration upon the Committee's role and activities.

Questions(Q 6.1)., Comments and discussion

Minute of Decision: The sense of the meeting was stated as follows and was approved.

1. the composition of Coordinating Committee as follows:  the 10 standing committee clerks, the Presiding Clerk and Treasurer of NPYM, the Coordinating Committee Clerk, Associate Clerk and Recording Clerk.  Each year the Clerk of Coordinating Committee will invite Monthly and Preparative Meetings to name one member of Coordinating Committee.  The Clerk will invite Jr. Friends and Young Adult Friends to each name two members.  Coordinating Committee will find an appropriate way to connect with those Meetings that are not able to name a member.

2. the purposes for Coordinating Committee

a. Provide a place for Meetings and Standing Committees to learn from and support one another, share information and make connections.
b. Identify and encourage action on emerging and converging concerns.
c. Coordinate and collaborate with one another; season ideas.
d. Provide a collective sense of where the Spirit is moving within The Yearly Meeting

e Support clerks of standing and ad hoc committees in doing their jobs, especially taking initiative to reach out to Meetings and Worship Groups.
f. Hold standing committees accountable for good order and functioning.

g. Be sure Meetings are not inundated with requests.

3. the Ad Hoc Structure Evaluation Committee is laid down.

This written form of the Minute of Decision was approved by the meeting as accurately reflecting the sense of the meeting as stated by the Presiding Clerk.

The Plenary closed in waiting worship.