North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary #3 - Friends in Residence

Plenary Session #3

Thursday July 24, 2014

10:30 - 11:45 AM

2014:10  2014:11

The Plenary gathered in song and waiting worship.

2014:10 Excerpt from State of the Society Report of Tacoma Friends Meeting:

"Tacoma Friends have traveled through a deep year. Threads of despair and the weaving of hope have come through our worshipful space challenging all of us to sustain what we have and build what potentially is possible. Our Clerk of 2013 and those who served in great stead for this Meeting buoyed us through thin times, deep emotions and deeper loss. For this we can be grateful. The small piece of Light still remains within us...

"We questioned our status as a Monthly Meeting and asked ourselves whether to look toward letting go of the building and consider worship group status.

"We tried to understand the meaning and consequences of laying down a Monthly Meeting. Some expressed a sense of energy and aliveness from the threshing sessions, yet other shared deep concerns of not feeling safe in the meeting and a few found it difficult to find centered spirit in worship. In the end, we did find common ground in not wanting to lay the MM down.

"So, we are going forward in hopes to listen to one another with openness of heart and in good faith. We look toward that greater wisdom than our own. We lift up our hearts to the Source of all wisdom and power and hope to listen to one another even beyond words."

2014:11 Friends in Residence Addressed the Plenary

Marge Abbot, Multnomah Monthly Meeting, introduced Ken and Katherine Jacobsen the 2014 Friends in residence who came to address the theme of our Annual Session: “The Transformative Power of Spirit in Community: Finding Light in the Yearly Meeting." Having traveled and worked with Ken and Katherine in her own ministry Friend Abbot testified to their loving presence and supportive leadership.

Friends were grateful, moved and inspired by the courage of the Jacobsens traveling from Wisconsin with their message for us despite the limitations of Katherine's health issues.

Emphasizing humility, and the that the God we seek is seeking us, too, they laid out four movements of worship for us to consider.

The first of these motions is the release of our words, our preconceptions and our stories of how things are, to become open and receptive to hearing and learning from Spirit

The second, the return, is the recognition that we are back at home in worship, that the Divine should not be some place we visit on occasion but where we strive to live our entire lives.

The third motion, the receiving, comes with the realization that there is someone in the conversation with us who is not one of us, someone gaining our attention, giving us leadings, someone not only present but seeking us.

The final motion, the fourth, is the response to the knowing that leadings are not small things, that they are intended to guide us in our moral response, changing us as we live out the motion of love.

They led us through a physical dance of release, return, receiving and response as a preparation for our closing worship.

A copy of their address was submitted and is attached to this final Account of the Proceedings I am thinking I am probably not going to ever get the documents, given what has happened and so I am going to delete this and let my paraphrase stand.

The Plenary closed in waiting worship.