North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Plenary #2 - Introductions, Roll Call of Meetings, Report from CC and Structure Eval

Plenary Session #2

Thursday July 24, 2014

8:45 - 10:15 AM

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Questions, Comments and discussion [Q 2.3]

Minute of Decision

The Plenary gathered in song and waiting worship.

2014: 2 Excerpt from State of the Society Report of Sand Point Friends Monthly Meeting:

"Reflecting back on the year, we note that even as we feel called to strengthen our Meeting from within, via reconstitution of M&O and a more thoughtful Adult Education plan, we also feel called to grow our outreach. As we seek out ways to help serve our local community and bring our core values of simplicity, integrity, equality, peace, community and stewardship into the broader world, we look forward to allowing Spirit to lead."

2014: 3 Welcoming of Friends and Introduction of Friends in Residence

Annual Session Presiding Clerk Tom Rawson welcomed Friends to the 2014 Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting. He introduced the theme of this Annual Session: "The Transformative Power of Spirit in Community: Finding Light in the Yearly Meeting," and said that the Friends in Residence, Ken and Katherine Jacobsen, would address this theme during Plenary #3.

2014: 4 Roll Call of meetings.

The Presiding Clerk read the roll of meetings and worship groups. Members and attenders stood as the name of their gathering was called.

2014: 5 Introductions and announcements

The Presiding Clerk introduced and thanked the Members of the Annual Session Planning Committee

Lynn Gordon

John Etter

Lew Scholl

Barb Goldfeder

Jay Thatcher

Dave Eck

Joyce Zerwick

Laura Arcidiacano

Maragaret Coahran

Youth Program Coordinator Jay Thatcher thanked parents and those connected to the children in attendance for sharing them with the Annuals Session. He asked these Friends to thank the adult leaders of the children's program for sacrificing participation in so much of the Annual Session program. He then introduced the Children's Program Staff.

Children's Activities -- Jessica _______ and Bronte Miller

Pre School -- Lynn Gordon and Megan Petarka

Primary -- Nancy Baker Croft and Jed Walsch

Upper Elementary -- Euclid Bautista John Strohben

Central Friends -- Ethan Berleman Ethan Perkins Neal Hadely

After this introduction the children and their teachers left for their programs.

The Presiding Clerk introduced and recognized observers and visitors present from other yearly meetings

The Hebner Family from Friendship Monthly Meeting in North Carolina: Suebear and Benji with their children: Artan and Rosie

Marielle Oetjen from Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting

Mary Klein, Palo Alto (California) Monthly Meeting, Editor of Western Friend

Diane Randall, Hartford (Connecticut) Monthly Meeting, Executive Director of Friends Committee on National Legislation

Ken and Katharine Jacobsen (Ohio Yearly Meeting)

The Clerk also introduced visitors and Friends from other Yearly Meetings not yet present but expected to arrive.

The O'Hara/O'Connor family from Ireland Yearly Meeting

Carmel and Tom children (JFs) Roisin and Cian

          Julie Peyton, West Hills Friends in Portland, Northwest Yearly Meeting

Del & Suzanne Livingston -- representative visitors from Northwest Yearly Meeting

Daily Bulletin editor Sarah Michener explained how to make submissions and how the bulletin will be made available throughout the Annual Sessions.

2014:6 Introduction of Epistle Committee

Jana Ostrum, Clerk of the Committee introduced its members, Angie Alexander, Elinor Jorda

She also announced that the first draft of the Epistle will be presented for input at Plenary 7 on Saturday, and the final at Plenary 8 on Sunday.

2014:7 Report of NPYM Ministry and Oversight Committee.

Committee Clerk Georgia Foster made Committee report after introducing committee members: Dorsey Green, Warren Ostrum, Betsey Kenworthy and Jane Ewert. She noted that all Committee members will be wearing a purple ribbon for ready identification and that the Committee would be hosting a New Comer's Table at lunch.

The Committee has gathered the State of Society Reports and Memorial Minutes and posted them on the wall and placed them in binders on the tables in the back of the Plenary room.

Committee member Warren Ostrum reported on some common themes present in the State of the State of Society reports. At least ten meetings reported growth in the last year. The Committee has picked out some excepts from some of the Reports and will be reading one of these at each plenary.

2014:8 Presentation of the Coordinating Committee Report

The Committee Report (2.2) was posted in the Plenary Room and at Committee Clerk Chris Willard read the report to the meeting.

2014:9 Presentation of Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate NPYM Structure Report and Recommendations.

The Committee Report and recommendations (2.3) were posted in the Plenary room and at Anne Stever, Committee Co-Clerk introduced Committee Members: Chris Cradler (Co Clerk); Margaret Coahran, Ted Etter, ELee Hadley, Lucretia Humphrey, Kate Jaramillo.

She then read the report to the meeting.

Questions, Comments and discussion [Q 2.3]

Minute of Decision: Discernment on the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Structure Evaluation will occur during Plenary #6.

The Plenary closed in waiting worship.


To do for this plenary:

find and include the offices associated with each member of the AS planning Committee