Personnel Committee

Approved NPYM Steering Committee, May 2007. Revisions, October 2008

Job description re-approved, NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009

Appointed by: by default. This committee consists of the Coordinating Committee Clerk; the

Presiding Clerk; and the Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk. The Associate Coordinating

Committee Clerk is Clerk of the Personnel Committee.

Term length: Duration of the Committee members’ time in office.

Reports to: NPYM Coordinating Committee, Annual Session, and/or Executive Committee

Works primarily with: NPYM secretary and/or other employees of the Yearly Meeting

Definition and time lines:
The Committee oversees hiring and work of the secretary and any other employee of the
yearly meeting. Annually, in person, reviews should be held with each employee, to review their work
and make recommendations to Coordinating Committee regarding their desire to continue
employment or the necessity for the Yearly Meeting to terminate their employment.
When the Committee finds it necessary this review may happen at their call, with at least
4 week notice to the employee. Based on the annual review the Committee may
recommend corrections to the employee’s work, changes to the job description under
which the employee works, and/or a pay increase or decrease to the Coordinating Committee.
This should be done prior to the formation of the Budget for the following year – i.e. in
consultation with the Finance & Legal Committee as they formulate a budget for presentation and
approval at Annual Session.
Most meetings of this committee are done by telephone and email.

EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls,
postage, and photocopy) Travel expense is reimbursed according to NPYM travel reimbursement
policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.