Outreach and Visitation

The Outreach & Visitation Committee seeks ways to provide and stimulate personal visitation and other forms of communication throughout the yearly meeting, with a particular concern for preparative meetings, worship groups, and Friends isolated from any organized group. The work of the committee is meant to coordinate with and support monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, and the Ministry & Counsel Committee in their respective responsibilities in this area.

We are seeking NPYM Friends who would like to travel and visit Friends within the dispersed and diverse NPYM region. Travel – with an elder – to share your abilities, or topics of concern, to meetings visited. Do you have a skill, interest, or leading to share? Or would you instead like to be an accompanying elder? Apply!


An introduction to the "Knitting Us Together Visitation Program", application form, description of the selection process, and information about the roles of the traveling Friend and elder are attached at the bottom of this page.