North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

NPYM History

North Pacific Yearly Meeting History

(Much of this history, particularly 1972-1997, comes from individual Friends antidotal recollections. In 1997 at Annual Session Friends had an opportunity to add pieces of history to large sheets of paper on the walls. These were then transcribed into the beginnings of this document. In 2011 it was rediscovered and updated by several Friends including: Janet Jump, Ann Stever, Jay Thatcher, and Annis Bleeke).



Pacific Northwest and Willamette Quarterly Meetings form Joint Revision Committee, chaired by Dorothy Willard, to “explore an annual meeting of Friends in the Northwest.”




Joint Quarterly Meeting, organized by Joint Revision Committee, meets at University Meeting in Seattle.

Lots of intergenerational activity. People came from Alpha farm.


Southern half wanted no reports at plenary sessions. Northern half thought State of Society reports a necessity. Out of a spirit-led meeting clerked by Dorothy Willard, we came to unity on having a meeting or worship with mini state of society reports presented out of the silence.




North Pacific Gathering of Friends meets at St Martin’s College in Olympia.

Clerk: Lee Bennett.

Gathering centers on formation of new Yearly Meeting.

Of the 9 Monthly Meetings consulted (Corvallis, Eastside, Eugene, Multnomah, Salem, Tacoma, University, Vancouver and Victoria), all but Victoria favor formation of NPYM.

Victoria believes its commitment lies with Canadian YM.


Junior high, high school, and college age Friends meet and favor formation of NPYM.

“The purpose of NPYM is to hold an annual gathering, a time of fellowship and spiritual enrichment for Friends in the region of the north Pacific.”


Minute 1: This North Pacific Gathering of Friends forms the North Pacific Yearly

Meeting as of this date, July 17, 1972.


Meetings could join with NPYM as they were led. The meetings in

Willamette Quarterly Meeting and Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting all did. University Meeting kept dual membership in Pacific and NPYM.


Connie Jump brought lots and lots of old felt hats and showed us how to steam them and stretch them into fantastic shapes.


Junior Friends took an active part in organizing and carrying out plans.




1973 NPYM Membership 397

First annual session of NPYM meets at St. Martin’s College, Olympia.

Clerk: Francis Dart

Theme: That of God in Every One

Friend in Residence: Hugh Campbell-Brown, Canadian YM


We are trying to evolve and organization which, we believe, will provide for maximum responsibility for the Monthly and Quarterly Meetings, so that the sessions of the Yearly Meeting may be freed for expressions of concerns and the development of witness.” (from the epistle)


Considerable discussion about affiliation with AFSC, FWCC, FCNL. Francis Dart observes that the issue is revolves not so much around whether to affiliate and develop structures, but when. NPYM invites position papers on what sort of Yearly meeting we wish to be. Paul Davis, Ellis Jump and a group from Eugene (David Anderson, Jeanne Etter, Ellen Hubbe, and Monette Thatcher) each respond.


As I picture our Yearly Meeting, we will try to keep as many activities and relationships as possible on the local meeting level; and what we cannot do there, we will attempt to do at the Quarterly Meeting level. (Paul Davis)


Since r Meeting for some of us is a symbol of our responsibility for human need and provides emotional identification and encouragement in our roles in a minority opinion- group within American society, we hope that North Pacific Yearly Meeting will develop the means of serving these purposes. These procedural means need not be any handicap to Friends who see no need for nor interest in such matters…… (Ellis Jump)


Too often under the old structure (of PYM) we would work laboriously at the wording of a social concern minute which would then give a false sense of having done something vital.


To be living at the growing edge requires time- uncrowdedness. Our Yearly Meeting structure should be a simple one, a framework which encourages religious growth by sharing of ideas, expression of feelings, and interactions between people. (Four Friends from Eugene Monthly Meeting)



NPYM is represented by one Junior Friend on FWCC’s Quaker Youth Pilgrimage.


October – Faith and Life Study Conference with NWYM.

November – Affiliate with FWCC.





1974 NPYM Membership 355

May- Affiliate with AFSC


NPYM meets at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Clerk: Harold Carson

Theme: Dilemmas for Quakerism in Action

Friend in Residence: John Sullivan, Philadelphia YM


Minutes: Unconditional amnesty for exiles and prisoners from war in Southeast Asia.

Inform selves on issues of Indian self-determination


Vancouver (BC) MM leaves NPYM.




1975 NPYM Membership 350


NPYM meets at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Clerk: Monette Thatcher

Theme: Growing into Wholeness

Friend in Residence: Elizabeth Watson, New York YM


Minutes: Trident Resolution opposing building Trident submarine and missle project.


Foreign policy issues of disarmament, arms sales, military training, peace conversion, support of international organization, right sharing of word resources.


Worked throughout year implementing amnesty minute (1974)


Fort Worden full of Friends. Swords into plowshares and the wild roses smelled wonderful. (Mrs. Schmoe)


Helen Stritmatter leading “worship in movement” folk dancing with such zest.


Roberts family and St Germains renting a hours- “different quarters”



1976 NPYM Membership 361


NPYM meets at Colegio Cesar Chavez in Mt Angel, OR

Clerk: Alice Miles

Theme: Prayer, Worship, and Encounter

Friend in Residence: Margaret Gibbons, Scotland YM, FWCC staff



Pacific YM proposes Brinton Visitorship. NPYM helps plan.


Minutes: New Trident minute. (Send 1,000 copies and get much response. Christmas and Easter vigils in Seattle; Memorial Day vigil at Bangor.)


Support New Zealand Friends for nuclear-free South Pacific.


Letter in support of Colegio Cesar Chavez.


We had wonderful food! Lots of us brought vegetables from our gardens, and Mildred Cowger and a group of local women prepared authentic vegetarian Mexican meals.


Ed Morgenroth improvised bridges over overflowing sewer water. Friend in Residence Margaret Gibbons volunteered and was asked to clean toilets.


Patty Buff Bear and Richard met each other.


It was especially wonderful to talk to people from the college. Some of us had boycotted grapes for years. ( Bonnie Tinker)


After family night- 3 friends (Margaret Jump, Margaret Gibbons, and ____________) practiced Belly Dancing!



1977 NPYM Membership 373


NPYM meets at Camp Adams in Mollala, OR

Clerk: Alice Miles

Theme: The Spiritual Basis for Political Action

Friend in Residence: Nick Block, FCNL staff


Send 2 representatives to New Call to Peacemaking


Explore possible gathering of Western Friends with NPYM, Pacific YM, Intermountain YM, Western Canada Half YM, and Central Alaska Friends Conference.


First Brinton visitor: Ed Morgenroth


Approve purchase of 1 share in Ecumenical Development Bank.


5 Friends from South Africa visit Y.M.


With support from a consortium of Quaker Organizations gathered to encourage the involvement of youth, Jay Thatcher traveled to NPYM arriving from the Young Friends of North America gathering and moving on to Pacific Yearly Meeting. He led an interest group for young people which planned a project around alleviating hunger, then chose not to pursue it.






1978 NPYM Membership 371


NPYM meets at Camp Adams in Mollala, OR

Clerk: Paul Davis

Theme: Quaker Outreach in a World Falling Apart

Friend in Residence: Mike & Margaret Yarrow, Intermountain YM

Name Discipline Committee to develop our own Faith and Practice.

Affiliate with FCNL.

Become member of Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society.


Minutes: Oppose death penalty


Letter to President Carter opposing conversion of Olympic Winter Games facility at Lake Placid into a prison.




NPYM meets at St. Martin’s College, Olympia, WA

Clerk: Paul Davis

Theme: Jesus and the Evolving Christ Myth

Friend in Residence: John Youngblut


Threshing session on Preparative Meeting and Worship Group representation on Steering Committee.


Olympia becomes Monthly Meeting. NPYM now includes 8 Monthly Meetings (Olympia MM added) and 9 Worship Groups.






NPYM meets at St. Martin’s College, Olympia, WA

Clerk: Helen Stritmatter

Theme: Essence of Worship: Music as Spiritual Experience

Friend in Residence: Dwight Wilson & Niyonu Spann


Minute from Friends east of Cascades expressing need for greater visitation and support. (Outreach Committee is later formed to fill this need.)


Discipline Committee finished draft section on Handbook of Organization and Practice.


Ellis Jump stood up in our first Meeting for Worship and in his best of Testament Prophet voice, said “We have been witnesses at the creation of the world.” (We had driven through the ash fall area and mudflow from the Mt,. St. Helens eruption.)


When Joe Wythe, in Sandpoint, Id., was asked what he wanted for Father’s Day, he requested to attend a Quaker Meeting. So on that day, the Sandpoint Worship Group began as a very small meeting in the home of Joe & Lois Wythe. Small in # but great in promise and warmth of spirit. (Sue Nelson)


Marge and Carl Abbott make an outreach and visitation visit to Mahker Field Station to worship with Ethen Perkins and his family.





NPYM meets at Judson Baptist College in The Dalles, OR

Clerk: Helen Stritmatter

Theme: Valiant Friends, Past, Present, Future

Friend in Residence: Margaret Bacon, Philadelphia YM


Affirm love and care for all people, gays and lesbians included, as well as

those who oppose rights of gays and lesbians. Support civil rights for

gays and lesbians.


Establish Outreach Committee to nurture distant Friends and WG


Minutes: Statement for US and USSR to stop arms race.


Approve survey of peace and nonviolent conflict resolution

studies in schools.


Urge understanding of relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II; support redress or other means to acknowledge and amend the injustice.



I recall an artificial thunder rain storm – of clapping, snapping fingers etc … at family night –v tenting in fantastic sunrises … warm fellowship … & as a nonmember at a Thurs session being asked if non members should be on specific committees.





NPYM meets at Judson Baptist College in The Dalles, OR

Clerk: Jane Snyder

Theme: This Do and Ye Shall Live: Loving Neighbors and Adversaries

Friend in Residence: Kara Cole (now Newall), FUM Gen’l Sec


Many join Buddhist World Peace March passing through the Dalles.


Agree not to hold Annual Session at Judson again, primarily because of

restrictions on gays and lesbians.


Outreach Committee publishes 2 booklets.


Minutes: Concern for Friends in Great Britain and Argentina about confrontation between peace testimony and military policies of their countries.


About 13 Junior Friends with 2 advisors gathered in Portland then ride to Judson Baptist College (about 100 miles) on bicycles.


Junior Friends met with Margaret Jump and Bill Matchett to hear them related something important about Quaker experience and to ask questions. Bill talked about Civilian Public Service and Meg talked about membership in the Society of Friends. (This may have happened in 1983)





NPYM meets at St Thomas Center in Bothell, WA

Clerk: Barbara Janoe

Theme: Learning as Worship

Friend in Residence: Richard Eldridge, Principle Buckingham Friends School


Celebrate 10th annual session with panel on Our Ten Years as a Yearly Meeting. Panel members: Harold Carson, Monette Thatcher, Molly Barnett, and Margaret Jump.


Discipline Committee working on revising first 3 draft sections and developing the rest.


Minute on War Tax Resistance


Pullman-Moscow becomes Monthly Meeting.


“Lots of Queer Quakers - Some of Whom Are Gay” – was a choral reading presented as a Plenary. We all learned how much we all have in common, as we laughed and cried together.


Barb Janoe agreed to be “substitute clerk” as clerk Jane Snyder was about to deliver a baby. The birth of Martha Snyder was announced at a later plenary session.



1984 Membership 499


NPYM meets at St Thomas Center in Bothell, WA

Clerk: Barbara Janoe

Theme: Peace in Central America

Friend in Residence: Molly & Miguel Figuerola, Monteverde, Costa Rica


Endorse World Gathering of Young Friends, July 1985


After extensive consultation, Outreach Committee recommends against having standing YM committee on Ministry and Oversight.


Discipline Committee working on 4th and last section – Faith


Minutes: Urge Friends in NPYM to inform selves about Indian Treaty Rights and protection of resources.


Encourage Monthly Meetings, Preparative Meetings, and Worship Groups to consider offering sanctuary to Central American refugees.


Billings becomes Monthly Meeting


Barb Janoe agreed to be clerk for Annual Session 1984 after Meg Jump died. In March of that year.


Jr. Friends amused themselves riding wheelchairs in the (sacilary? can’t read this word)


This was a four day annual session. Went home satisfied.



1985 Membership 533


NPYM meets at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA

Clerk: Barbara Janoe

Theme: Renaming the World after God

Friend in Residence: Elizabeth Watson, New England


Discipline Committee expects to complete revisions in time to print Faith and Practice in January 1986. Emphasize that it is a guide and not a changeless document. Major disagreements arise over marriage and family section.


Working on NPYM incorporation.


Support AFSC’s nomination of Korean Quaker Ham Sok Han for Nobel Peace Prize.


Minutes: Oppose capital punishment


Minute on environmental crisis as a moral and spiritual crisis.


Endorse peace tax fund legislation.


Bob Baird, Katherine Bell (Spinner) and Jay Thatcher attended the World Gathering of Young Friends from NPYM. Lucy Fullerton attended Baltimore YM and later settled in Seattle.


The reason we met at Walla Walla was that at the last minute we discovered our original site in Oregon (Camp Canby Grove) would not welcome our Gay & Lesbian Friends.


Don’t forget the temperature – 108 or so!

The public pool was very popular.


Vigil at WA State Penitentiary


Conflict with some “Town Youth” who raided the campground at night

this conflict was resolved in true Quaker fashion when the offenders met the offended.


MGOF introduces Quaker billboards


In November Billings Meeting, welcomed Heartland Preparative Meeting

under its care (became Heartland MM)



1986 Membership 554


NPYM meets at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA

Clerk: Paul Davis

Theme: The Spirit, the Light, the Way: Friends in Development

Friend in Residence: Jack & Carol Urner, Right Sharing


Minutes: “Out of expressions of pain and searching, NPYM accepts its newly-published Faith and Practice as a gift and as a living, evolving document. We are unable to reach unity on whether marriage is “a covenant between two persons and God” or “a covenant between a man and a woman and God..”


Oppose direction of US Policy, especially trust in military



Oppose military and other aid to Contras in Nicaragua.


Encourage support of Sanctuary defendants.


Missoula becomes Monthly Meeting.


Billings Meeting order 25 copies of Faith and Practice


Those serving on Discipline Committee over 8 years:

Mildred Burck

Margaret Coahran

Mitchell Dodd

Van Ernst

Dee Evergreen

Tom Head

Ben Richmond

Jean Roberts

Jane Snyder

John Sullivan

Monette Thatcher

Henry Van Dyke

Dorothy Willard

Jim Whittier

Margaret Jump- 1st Clerk of Discipline Committee






1987 Membership 571


NPYM meets at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR

Clerk: Jane Snyder

Theme: Arts for Peace Culture

Friend in Residence: Arthur Kanegis, Philadelphia


Special State of Society Report on Committed Relationships between 2 persons regardless of gender. “We seek to be tender to God”s leading… Our search must continue since we have not yet reached unity.”

Minutes: Concern about Nicaragua, regret over deaths of Ben Linder, Paolo Rosales, and Sergio Hernandea.


Summon people of nation to live in truth, honor, integrity, and justice for all.


Jr. Friends letter to Nancy Reagan urging campaign to “Say No to War” as well as “Say No to Drugs.”





NPYM meets at Linfield College

Clerk: Jane Snyder

Theme: Theology of Service

Friend in Residence: Asia Bennett, Exec. Sec. of Nat’l AFSC

Montana Gathering of Friends becomes third Quarterly Meeting


Continue Ad Hoc Committee on Relationships

Form Children’s Advisory Committee


Asia Bennett, representing AFSC, speaks of AFSC resistance to immigration law and raises the possibility of an eventual Friends testimony of open borders.



1989 NPYM Membership 633


NPYM meets at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA

Clerk: Gery Hubbe

Theme: Marriage and Truth

Friend in Residence: Jan Hoffman, New England YM


Steering Committee raises concern over difficulties finding Friends to take annual session jobs, especially in children’s program


Meetings working on issue of same gender relationships.


Jr. Friends request that their clerk attend Steering Committee.


Three young people represent NPYM on Quaker Youth Pilgrimage.


Junior Friends write letter to Immigration and Naturalization Service about a member of Quaker Youth Pilgrimage from Jamaica who was refused entry into US on grounds she might refuse to return to Jamaica.


Rogue Valley becomes Monthly Meeting.





NPYM meets at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA

Clerk: Gery Hubbe

Theme: Servanthood and Friendship

Friend in Residence: John Punshon, London YM


Response in Annual Session to 2 years of work with query: “In the last three years, how have I grown in my understanding of loving relationships?”


Struggle over revising Faith and Practice statement on marriage. Final agreement: “Yearly Meeting finds that the first sentence in the chapter on marriage in Faith and Practice does not reflect the state of Yearly Meeting and directs the Discipline Committee to begin its revision process of that sentence, at least.


Heartland becomes Monthly Meeting.


Jr. Friends meet at Silverton, Washington and work painting houses in Everett.


Lopez WG born



1991 NPYM Membership 677


NPYM meets at Western Montana State College in Dillon, MT

Clerk: John Sullivan

Theme: Faith in Action: In Spirit and in Truth

Friend in Residence: Simeon Shitemi, Clerk FWCC from Kenya


Jr. Friends camp at Elkhorn Hot Springs. Dig for crystals and learn the meaning of Yo!


Jr Friends express support to Gay and Lesbian Community of NPYM.


Minutes: Solidarity with native peoples of this hemisphere as approach Quincentennial Anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. Express profound sorrow over consequences.


Receive minute on racism from Salem Meeting. Accept challenge to examine ourselves.


Support Arms Sale Resolution. Urge alleviation of economic inequality that leads nations to manufacture and sell arms.


Boise Valley becomes Monthly Meeting.

January 1991 Florence worship Group met for the first time.


1992 NPYM Membership 689


NPYM meets at Western Montana State College in Dillon, MT

Clerk: John Sullivan

Theme: Violence, Healing, and Transformation

Friend in Residence: Judy Brutz, Ohio YM (C) & Iowa (FUM)


Minutes: Caring for same gender relationships. “We encourage Friends everywhere to continue seeking ways to fully include lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transsexuals in our community. We bear witness to the fullness of love we have found in such an inclusive community.”


Minute on gay and lesbian civil rights.


Young Friends form group.


Junior Friends camp at Farragut State Park north of Coerud’Alene, ID. Huge thunderstorm on last night.


Salmon Bay becomes Monthly Meeting.


Solidarity with young people in complying with Dillon’s curfew.



1993 NPYM Membership 714


NPYM meets at Oregon State University inCorvallis, OR.

Clerk: Marge Abbott

Theme: Extending the Boundaries of Community

Friend in Residence: Gordon Browne, Gen Sec FWCC, Americas


NPYM now includes 15 Monthly Meetings, 1 Prep Meeting, and 24 Worship Groups.


Steering Committee approves the new section on marriage for Faith and Practice.


Intergenerational activities, including Worship Sharing groups expand.


Junior Friends camp near Tillamook, OR. Endless rain.


JFs now prepare and present own budget.


Challenge by JFs to adults at Annual Session leads to open meeting, hosted by JFs, to hear adult concerns. Dialogue greatly appreciated.


1994 NPYM Membership 736


NPYM meets at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.

Clerk: Marge Abbott

Theme: Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with Your God: Turning Faith into Action

Friend in Residence: Mary Garman, Earlham College


Approve changes in NPYM Structure including: amended statement of purpose for NPYM; new Annual Session Planning Committee; and part-time paid position for NPYM Secretary.



A Loving Response to Hostility to Homosexual People.

Endorse US Peace Tax Fund.

Endorse Code of Conduct for Arms Transfers


Junior Friends camp at Scout Lake near Sisters, OR.

This camp: Log Ladies and Kitchen Witches!


This page has taped to it a cartoon in felt pen on yellow paper of a father with two messy young children. Father’s name tag: Jeff Boise Caption: Breakfast with the twins “Won’t you join us?”


The one-year-old twins from Boise, Liam and Teague provided entertainment in the eating area. I enjoyed having breakfast with them – a messy but fun experience. (E. Jay, Boise)


Lopez WG comes under care of Salmon Bay MM


1995 NPYM Membership 774


NPYM meets at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA..

Clerk: Margaret Sorrel

Theme: The Hurt of One Is the Hurt of All The Honor of One is the Honor of All

Friend in Residence: GAP Theater


GAP Theater is Friend in Residence. Selection of non-Friend and from within NPYM area an exception because previously selected FIR could not attend at the last minute.


Minutes: Express regret to people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for US bombing of their cities.


Pledge to work for day when nuclear war is no longer possible.

Speak out again US Army School of the Americas.


Junior Friends camp at Beacon Rock State Park near Stevenson, WA.


I broke my shoulder at the middle school building. (Brendan)


Margaret Sorrel succeeds in getting complete silence for grace at meals.


Intergenerational pick up soccer game played at free time for each of the next several years.




NPYM meets at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

Clerk: Margaret Sorrel

Theme: Oh, Friend, I Know Not That of God in Me, until Entwined with That of God in Thee.

Friend in Residence: Nancy Middleton, General Secretary Philadelphia YM


M&O summarizes State of Society reports and conducts a quiz to match statement to meeting, causing considerable hilarity.


Minute of appreciation to Nancy and Wayne Yarnall for spirited work with Friends Bulletin over past five years.



Approve statement on burning of African American churches. Collect contributions to rebuild churches in southeastern US.


Junior Friends camp at Lost Lake near Mt. Hood, OR


Sandpoint becomes Monthly Meeting.


A F/friend reminded us that our book of discipline is called Faith and Practice, NOT faith and perfect.



NPYM meets at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.

Clerk: Ann Stever

Theme: Silence, Voice, Story

Friend in Residence: Paul & Margaret Lacey, Earlham College


Bellingham becomes Monthly Meeting.


Junior Friends camp at Farragut State Park north of Coerud’Alene, ID.



NPYM meets at Gonzaga Universtiy, Spokane, WA

Clerk: Ann Stever

Theme: Weaving a Tapestry of Peace

Friend in Residence: Duduzile Mtshazo, South & Central Africa YM

Assistant Clerk FWCC




NPYM meets at Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Clerk: Jay Thatcher

Theme Looking Forward & Back: Stewardship Environment, Economics, Mysticism

Friend in Residence: Betty Poster ,Canadian YM


Decided not to return to Pacific University for a second year due to accessibility issues.


As part of the FCNL report, Friends were invited to write letters to Congress at the end of a plenary session.


First Central Friends camp: Camped at Cape Lookout State Park and then took 2 days to ride Bicycles to Annual Session.



Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Clerk: Jay Thatcher

Theme: Knowing Experimentally, Quakerism in a scientific age

Friend in Residence: Jocelyn Burnell ,Clerk, Britain YM


Change in site from Pacific University to Oregon State University, because Pacific wasn’t quite accessible enough for people with disabilities.





NPYM Meets at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Clerk: Jane Snyder

Theme: Challenges of persistence in the face of power

Friend in Residence: Joe Volk, Director, FCNL


Friend in Residence arrives by bicycle after meeting with Jr. Friends at South Beach State Park near Newport ,Oregon




NPYM meets at University of Oregon, Corvallis, Oregon

Clerk: Jane Snyder

Theme: Be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you.

Friend in Residence: Peggy Parsons, Northwest YM



NPYM Meets at University of Montana, Missoula, Montana

Clerk: Jon Prescott

Theme: Our Peace Testimony: Walking our talk in our communities

Friend in Residence: Martin Garate, Director, international Division, ASFC



NPYM meets at U of Montana, Missoula

Clerk: Jon Prescott

Theme: How are we called to deepen our spiritual path during times of turmoil

Friend in Residence: Eden Grace, New England YM




NPYM Meets at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA/

Clerk: Dorsey Green


Friend in Residence: Mary Lord, Director of Peace building Unit AFSC.; Baltimore YM




NPYM Meets at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA/

Clerk: Dorsey Green


Friend in Residence: None


Our session was shortened by one day to accommodate FGC which met at PLU following our annual Session. This was their first time to meet on the West Coast.



NPYM meets at Reed College, Portland Oregon,

Clerk: Dorsey Green

Theme: Quaker Leadership

Friend in Residence: Arthur Larabee, Philadelpia YM


On Wednesday before Annual Session we had an advanced clerking workshop led by Arthur Larabee. 35 Friends attended.




NPYM meets at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon , July 17-20, 2008

Clerk: Helen Dart

Theme: Answering to that of God in Everyone

Friend in Residence: Ruth Flower, senior staff, FCNL




NPYM meets at University of Montana, Missoula Montana, July 15-19, 2009

Clerk: Helen Dart

Theme: Experiencing the light in Hard Times: How do we stay Faithful in times of trouble?

Friend in Resident: John Calvi, New England YM


Change in YM Structure with major decisions to be made at Annual Session, Coordinating committee replaces Steering Committee


Added extra day to Annual Session (Wednesday – Sunday). To be reviewed in 3 years.





NPYM Meets at University of Montana, Missoula, Montana , July 14-18, 2010

Clerk: Janet Jump

Theme: Practicing Hope: Living and Witnessing Our Testimonies

Friend in Residenc: Bridget Moix, FCNL


Created on line registration software and used it for the first time

First time to send out pre AS documents to everyone via email

No major decisions, many reports during plenary sessions



2011 membership 900


NPYM meets at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington, July 13-17 2011

Clerk: Janet Jump

Theme: Practicing Peace, the Integration of inward life and outward action

Friend in Residence: Michael Birkel, Earlham, College



It rained most of the time.


Major decisions / actions:


We joined QEW (funding for representative travel was not approved)


We will season for one year question of joining FGC.


Unable to reach unity on passing a minute on Population Sustanebility


Approved a budget that more closely covers representative travel by raising the assessment from $44 to $48 per member.


Held a Quaker Fair instead of having all reports giving orally during a plenary.


Jr.Friends Camp post AS at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA (overcast weather)

Central Friends Camp post AS on Vashon Island, in a Yurt.