North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

NPYM Contacts

NPYM Contacts

Use the NPYM Contact Form to email someone at NPYM.


Copy and correct the email address (listed below) replacing "-at-" with "@" and removing parenthesis. Some addresses are direct, others are through NPYM secretary.

Main Contact Person - Staff Secretary: Linda Kocourek, Employee (email:

Directory Contact Person - Staff Secretary: Linda Kocourek, Employee (email:

Annual Session Presiding Clerk: Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay(email:

: Laura Arcidiacono, Bridge City (email:

Coordinating Committee Clerk: Melody Ashworth, South Mountain (email:

Annual Session Registrar: Margaret Coahran, Pullman-Moscow (email:

Committee on the Discipline Clerk: Jay Thatcher & Debbie Townsend, Eastside & Corvallis (email:

Ministry & Oversight Clerk: Lucretia Humphrey, Great Falls (email:

Youth Committee Clerk: Thalia Newman and Adam BillenĀ (email:

Peace & Social Concerns Committee Clerk: Jessie Laird, Multnomah (email:

Annual Session Site Committee Clerk: John Etter, Eugene Monthly Meeting (email:

Finance & Legal Committee Clerk: Carl Abbot, Multnomah (email:

Information Technology Committee Clerk: Clint Weimeister, Port Townsend (email:

Outreach & Visitation Committee Clerk: Elee Hadley, Umpquah Valley (email:

Nominating Committee Clerk: Janet Jump, Bridge City (email:

Website Coordinator: Clint Weimeister, Port Townsend (email:

If you don't find a contact Email for the postion you are seeking, please email Staff Secretary: Linda Kocourek, Employee (email: with a request to forward your message to the person you wish to contact.