Nominating Committee

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Revised July 2015

Approved: NPYM Coordinating Committee July 15, 2015

APPOINTED BY: Annual Session

APPOINTED AT: Annual Session

NOMINATED BY: Pre-Nominating Committee

MEMBERS: A minimum of 6 members with, ideally, at least 1 Friend from each Quarterly Meeting. The Committee Clerk or designated member is a member of the Coordinating Committee.

TERM BEGINS: October 1.

TERM LENGTH: Two-year overlapping terms

REPORTS TO: Annual Session, Coordinating Committee and/or Executive Committee

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Annual Session & Coordinating Committee

DEFINITION: A committee which seeks, with divine assistance, to identify qualified people to serve the Yearly Meeting as clerks, committee members and officers of the Yearly Meeting. The Nominating Committee makes recommendations for approval at Annual Session, or by Coordinating or Executive Committee.

TASKS & TIMELINE: The committee work involves much consultation with members of the committee as well as communication with many potential nominees, by phone and electronically. Promptness and reliability in carrying out tasks and responding are important.. It is useful for Nominating Committee to meet in person at least twice a year. One of those in-person meetings is likely to be at Annual Session.

Carefully considers the needs of the Yearly Meeting positions and asks appropriate people if they will accept nominations to Yearly Meeting and Annual Session positions, making sure they know what the job entails. It is important to be sure the nominee understands that it is the YM that must approve the nomination

Submits the following nominations for appointment by Annual Session:

  1. Yearly Meeting officers

  2. Clerks of Yearly Meeting Committees

  3. Members of Yearly Meeting committees

  4. Committees & individuals to plan and make arrangements for Annual Session

  5. Representatives to other Friends' organizations

Presents a full slate of nominations to Annual Session for positions to take effect on October 1 following Annual Session. Due to the need for immediate appointment to fill a vacancy, to meet an unusual deadline or when a full slate is not possible at Annual Session, nominations may be presented to and approved by either the Coordinating Committee or the Executive Committee.

The Presiding Clerk is responsible for notifying appointees for nominations approved at Annual Session. The Coordinating Committee Clerk is responsible for notifying appointees for nominations approved either by Coordinating Committee or the Executive Committee. In either case, the appropriate Clerk should assure that the nominee understands their responsibilities.

EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage, and photocopy). Travel expense is reimbursed according to NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.


The following YM positions should be filled by members of NPYM: CC Clerk, Presiding Clerk, Treasurer. All others should be filled by experienced Friends.

It is desirable, but NOT essential, to seek nominees for Representatives to other Friends' organizations (i.e. FWCC...) from different geographical regions.

Nominated By: Pre-Nominating Committee

Committee: Standing