Minutes Being Seasoned

EarthCare Minute - Presented at Annual Session 2020 and 2021 for Seasoning by member meetings

Amending the 13th Amendment

Supporting an end to hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders

Minutes Approved by NPYM

When North Pacific Yearly Meeting finds itself called as a body to witness, a Minute of that testimony is recorded and often distributed widely. These attached minutes have been approved by NPYM.

A Quaker Statement on Migration - July, 2022

Minute in Support of Indigenous People - July, 2022

Minute in support of HR.40 to form a committee on reparations for African Americans - July, 2021

Minute on Uprooting Racism - July, 2019

Minute of Inclusion: Welcoming Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People - July 29, 2017

Minute on the Abolition of Torture July, 2009

No to war in Iraq July, 2008

Minute on Climate Change July, 2008

Minute on the War on Drugs July, 2008

Background for Minute on Legal Recognition of Same-sex Marriage July 19, 1997

Minute supporting Legal Recognition of Same-sex Marriage Approved July 19, 1997

NPYM Minute on Marriage, July 25, 1992

Minute on Rights and Sexual Orientation, July 25, 1992

Minutes Approved by Member Meetings and Worship Groups

South Seattle Friends Meeting Minute supporting HR.40 - February, 2021

Montana Gathering of Friends Quarterly Meeting Minute on Community Violence - February 2018

Montana Gathering of Friends Quarterly Meeting Minute on Fear and Healing - February 2017

Great Falls Minute of support for Standing Rock January, 2017

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