Interest Group Coordinator

APPOINTED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee

NOMINATED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee


TERM ENDS: August 31

REPORTS TO: Program Coordinator

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Members of the Annual Session Planning Committee and

other Annual Session staff.


DEFINITION: With the help of the Steering Committee and others, sets up a

program of Interest Groups which provide opportunities for the exploration of

special concerns, interests, and needs of Annual Session participants.



**January through March**

Distribute basic information about the AS Interest Groups program to

meetings and worship groups, along with a master copy of the response form

which individual leaders may use to offer Interest Groups and to describe their

respective topics, size limitations, if any, needed facilities, number and

timing of sessions, and any other information needed by the Coordinator. Mail

this form with an appropriate cover letter to IG Leaders who first contact the

Coordinator via another channel.


Arrange for any Interest Groups specifically requested by the Presiding

Clerk, AS Planning Committee, or Steering Committee.


Consult with the Planning Committee and/or Program Coordinator for needed

decision or clarification, concerning any basic matters of the Interest Group

program's structure.


**April to Annual Session**

Keep the Program Coordinator and General Arrangements Clerk informed as

to how the Interest Groups part of the program is progressing.


Plan a procedure for setting up an Interest Group that may develop

spontaneously after people arrive at the Annual Session.


Prepare a list of Interest Groups and names of convenors. Write 1-2

sentence description of each Group for Annual Session announcement that is sent

out by the NPYM Secretary.


Inform Interest Group Leaders, when appropriate, of other groups offered

which are very similar and of limitations on space which may affect the

Coordinator's ability to include them in the program.


Schedule places, times and equipment for one-session and two-session

Interest Groups. Coordinate these arrangements with the Physical Arrangements



Shortly before Annual Session, mail to each Interest Group Leader a

letter confirming the inclusion of his/her Group, thanking him/her for

participating in the program, indicating the assigned scheduling if the Leader

left it up to the Coordinator, and enclosing a copy of the Group's signup sheet

so that the Leader may check the Group description for any errors. Provide

telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es) if possible so that a Leader needing

to correct an error, withdraw his/her Interest Group, or make a last minute

request for a scheduling change can contact the IG Coordinator immediately.

Inform each Leader of the procedure to follow if it is necessary to cancel his/

her Interest Group during AS, and a way to contact the IG Coordinator by phone

if last minute problem prevents him/her from attending AS. Also include with

each letter a list of all Interest Groups scheduled for each time slot, as a

courtesy to the Leader.



File 732 Page 2

**During Annual Session**


Provide copies of a one-sheet list of all Interest Groups, by time slot,

for attenders to pick up at the registration table.


Post information about Interest Groups, leaders, limits on size of Group,

and meeting places in a central place (usually registration or dining area).

Posting needs to be clearly labeled and separate from Worship-Sharing posting

to avoid confusion. Provide sign-up sheets so people can sign up for the Group

they want to attend.


Be available during the Annual Session to deal with problems relating to

Interest Group


**After Annual Session**

EVALUATION: Prepare a report/evaluation for the Interest Group file. Send

copies to the Program Coordinator, & the General Arrangements Clerk on, or

before, AUGUST 21. The report should include a statement of procedures

followed, a list of the groups offered and their leaders, an evaluation of the

overall success of the groups (what worked, what didn't), and suggestions that

should be taken into consideration in future sessions, in the job, or the job



If you received a file with material from previous Interest Groups

Coordinator, sort through the file, update the information, and add your

report/evaluation. Return the file to the General Arrangements Clerk BEFORE

August 31.


EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone

calls, postage, and photocopy) and mileage expense for the responsibilities of

this appointment. Submit BEFORE August 21 reimbursement request with receipts

to NPYM Treasurer; identify as Annual Session expenses (the Annual Session

books are closed on September 1).


OTHER INFORMATION: If persons suggesting particular Interest Groups can be

persuaded to attach their names to the suggestions, it becomes possible to

consult with them and learn more about what is being requested. A title

frequently conveys much less information than the author assumes. Suggestions

that include recommendations for appropriate leaders are particularly helpful

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