Hospitality Coordinator


APPOINTED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee

NOMINATED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee


TERM ENDS: August 31

REPORTS TO: General Arrangements Clerk

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: General Arrangements Clerk, Physical Arrangements Clerk,

Annual Session Ministry & Counsel Comm.


DEFINITION: The Committee welcomes F/friends to Yearly Meeting, arranges

hospitality for out of town visitors, & coordinates welcoming tea, or event (if one is planned.)



**April to Annual Session**

Coordinator finds 2 or 3 other members to serve on committee.


Decide if there will be a hospitality tea. (See OTHER INFO. below) If

there is to be a tea, order supplies (see EXPENSES).


Consult with Registrar about arrival times for persons with special

"welcoming' needs.


Coordinate overnight hospitality for out-of-area Friends (usually for day

before & night after AS). Coordinate plans with Transportation Coordinator and

Annual Session Presiding Clerk.


**During Annual Session**

Staff the registration area with committee members to help people find

their rooms and/or campsites, carry luggage, etc.


Figure out how to identify newcomers (usually, on nametag) and pay

special attention to them. We're often so glad to see old Friends that new ones

feel left out.


Set up and serve hospitality tea, if there is to be one.


**After Annual Session**

Prepare report/evaluation for Hospitality Coord. files. Send copy to GA

Clerk on, or before, August 21. Report should include info. useful to next

year's Coord. (what worked, what didn't) & changes you think should be made in

the job, or job description.


If you received a file with material from previous Coordinators, sort

through it, update the information, & add your report/ evaluation (& any

materials you think are needed).


Return file to the General Arrangements Clerk BEFORE August 21.


EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone

calls, postage, and photocopy) and mileage expense for the responsibilities of

this appointment. Submit BEFORE August 21 reimbursement request with receipts

to NPYM Treasurer; identify as Annual Session expenses (the Annual Session

books are closed on September 1).


OTHER INFORMATION: (SC min 5-84-10): Discussion - expensiveness of catered Tea

& whether we could do it ourselves. Tea canceled because 1) we're meeting needs

of first time attenders & visitors in other ways and 2) no one wanted to

organize it.


*A flexible position created to meet needs of a particular sit

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