Friends' Experiences

Beliefs & Structure

The organizational structure and guiding beliefs of Friends in NPYM are described in our book of Faith & Practice, as revised in 2017.

North Pacific Yearly Meeting functions largely through the work of various committees. The Coordinating Committee supports and enriches the life of NPYM. It is the venue where Standing Committees and Monthly Meetings share about their work and inspiration. The Coordinating Committee identifies and links converging and emerging issues, and offers support to groups within NPYM. In addition, the Coordinating Committee provides support and oversight to other NPYM Committees.


North Pacific Yearly Meeting pens Epistles to share the life and light of Annual Session with Friends everywhere.  Past years' epistles, from the entire gathering as well as from younger Friends, are shared to support Friends in their seeking and to make available records of North Pacific Yearly Meeting's witness. To those unfamiliar with the idea of epistles, they are open letters written to the Quaker world from an individual or group of Quakers, sharing truths and experiences.


When North Pacific Yearly Meeting finds itself in unity on social issues, we are called as a body to witness.  We write Minutes to record our stance, which are  recorded and often distributed widely.