North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Financial Aid

For a full statement, see the website:

NPYM maintains a Financial Aid Fund to ensure that no one stays away from Annual Session due to cost. If you want financial assistance:

  1. Ask your Monthly Meeting, Preparative Meeting or Worship Group for the amount of aid you as an individual or family need. Your Local group determines the amount to be granted. The process takes time, so please request aid as soon as possible!

  1. If you are an isolated Friend or otherwise have no contact with a Monthly Meeting, you may apply directly to the NPYM Financial Aid Fund by contacting our Ministry and Oversight Committee Clerk, Georgia Foster at:

This applies especially to Young Adult Friends who are no longer geographically connected with the meeting of their childhood, and have not yet established a permanent adult home community and made meeting connections there, but who still want to be connected to NPYM.