Finance and Legal Committee


Job description approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009

APPOINTED BY: NPYM at Annual Session

NOMINATED BY: NPYM Nominating Committee

TERM BEGINS: October 1

MEMBERS: 3 (clerk plus 2 at large members); NPYM Treasurer attends meetings but is not a member of the Committee. The committee Clerk or a designated member is a member of the Coordinating Committee.

TERM LENGTH: 3-year overlapping terms

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: NPYM Treasurer, Coordinating Committee, Annual Session officers, Jr. Friends officers.

DEFINITION: Provide stewardship of financial and legal matters for NPYM, and provide support and oversight to the NPYM Treasurer.


  1. 1. Budget

  • In consultation with the NPYM Treasurer, develop and recommend NPYM budget to Annual Session for approval.

    • May be presented to Spring Coordinating Committee meeting for comment.

    • Develop analysis and recommendations for long-term financial planning when appropriate.

    • Analyze and recommend changes in assessments to Annual Session for approval.

    • Season requests for non-budgeted expenditures and provide financial implications to Coordinating or Executive Committee. (Finance and Legal Committee does not make recommendations on the content of the request.)


2. Develop and review Policies and Procedures and bring recommendations for new or changed policies to Annual Session for approval. Areas covered should include but not be limited to:

  • Reimbursement,documentation,check signers, deposits, bill payments, bookkeeping.

  • Audits, formal and/or informal.

  • Money managements and investments.

  • Reserves.

  • Petty cash.

  • Travel expenses.


3. Internal Controls

  • Conduct or arrange for regular audits, in accordance with policy and procedures developed (see #2b).

  • Develop and ensure use of a standardized format for reports.


4. Insurance and Legal Issues

  • Review and ensure that NPYM carries appropriate insurance; bring changes to Coordinating Committee for approval.

  • Provide oversight for dealing with legal issues which may arise for NPYM.

  • Statement regarding maintenance of NPYM 501 (3c) status:


5. Oversight of Finances of other NPYM Entities with Budgets (e.g. Annual Session, Junior Friends)

  • Work with appropriate officers to develop the best way to ensure responsible budget development and financial policies and procedures for their group.

  • Provide assistance as requested.

  • Work together with appropriate officers to determine information needed and effective and efficient coordination and information flow.

  • Receive, review and analyze annual financial reports from groups.


6. Review Needs and Jobs re NPYM Finances

  • Review periodically the financial and legal responsibilities carried by NPYM staff and treasurer.

  • Recommend changes in job responsibilities to for staff to Personnel Committee and all others to Coordinating Committee for approval.


7. Resource to NPYM

  • Explore the possibility of being a resource to Monthly Meetings on financial matters, e.g., responsible bookkeeping, treasurer's job, standard reports.

  • Provide periodic education to Coordinating Committee and Annual Session about financial oversight responsibilities.


EXPENSES AND TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone calls, postage and photocopy). Travel expense is reimbursed according to the NPYM travel reimbursement policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.