Executive Committee

Approved, Annual Session, July 19, 2008, one change November 2008;
Job description re-approved by NPYM Steering Committee, January 2009
Revision approved by NPYM Coordinating Committee, October 2010

APPOINTED BY: All members are officers, who are nominated by the NPYM Nominating
Committee and appointed by NPYM at Annual Session.

TERM LENGTH: Duration of the Committee members’ time in office.
TERM BEGINS: October 1

REPORTS TO: All decisions will be reported to the NPYM Coordinating Committee at its
next meeting.

MEMBERS: Coordinating Committee Clerk, NPYM Presiding Clerk, NPYM Rising Clerk,
Clerk of M&C Committee, Treasurer, and Associate CC Clerk.

MEETINGS: The Executive Committee will meet on an as-needed basis, using phone and
email and will be called by the Clerk of Coordinating Committee (who is also Clerk of the
Executive Committee).

CHARGE: The Executive Committee can make decisions that are necessary to carry out
the work of the yearly meeting. In particular, these include approval of nominations or
expenditures (within the framework of the budget). The Executive Committee is also
authorized to approve the hiring of staff. With CC meeting only twice between Annual
Session, there may be requests that will come between meetings. The Clerk of CC may
consult the Executive Committee to determine where to refer the matter or whether
Executive Committee needs to make a decision. Executive Committee may consult with
others as part of the process. All Executive Committee decisions shall be reported to the
Coordinating Committee at its next meeting.
Executive Committee may also be used for support and/or problem-solving by the CC clerk.

EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone
calls, postage, and photocopy) Travel expense is reimbursed according to NPYM travel
reimbursement policy. Submit reimbursement request with receipts to NPYM Treasurer.