Creative Activities Coordinator

APPOINTED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee

NOMINATED BY: Annual Session Planning Committee


TERM ENDS: August 31

REPORTS TO: Program Coordinator

WORKS PRIMARILY WITH: Other members of the program committees


DEFINITION: Works to set up "variety of ways of tuning into our capacity for

playfulness, imagination, creativity, & community." Basic objective is to

bring children & adults together in common activities such as 1) small groups

working with craft materials, or taking a nature walk, 2) the total group

joining together in song, or as audience & performers for Community Night.

TASKS & TIMELINE: Creative activities can be divided into three categories,

group singing, Community Night, and small group activities (such as clay

modeling, kites, puppets, hikes and dramatics).


**January throuqh March**

Recruit other subcommittee members and leaders for activities.


Learn about the space/facilities situation, and make adjustments &

arrangements to fit activities & facilities together. Attendance at on-site

Planning Committee meeting would be helpful.


See that planning is done, supplies & equipment arrangements made,

responsibilities delegated, & budget estimates obtained.


Share process with General Arrangements Clerk.


**April to Annual Session**

Support activity leaders as they prepare for Annual Session.


Facilitate coordination of the parts of the Creative Activities program.

Coordinate Creative Activites program with Children's Program.


**During Annual Session**

Provide consultation and support for activity leaders.


Consult with Program Coordinator &/or Planning Committee for needed

clarification & decisions, & keep both informed of progress.


**After Annual Session**

EVALUATION: Prepare a report/evaluation for the Creative Activities file. Send

copies to the Program Coordinator, & the General Arrangements Clerk on, or

before, AUGUST 21. The report should include information useful to next years

Creative Activities Coordinator (what worked, what didn't) and any changes you

think should be made in the job, or the job description.


If you received a file with material from previous Creative Activities

Coordinator, sort through the file, update the information, and add your

report/evaluation. Return the file to the Program Coordinator BEFORE August 21.


EXPENSES & TRAVEL: Reimbursement is provided for "office expense" (LD phone

calls, postage, and photocopy) and mileage expense for the responsibilities of

this appointment. Submit BEFORE August 21 reimbursement request with receipts

to NPYM Treasurer; identify as Annual Session expenses (the Annual Session

books are closed on September 1).


OTHER INFORMATION: Community Night program should be limited to 1 - 1 1/2 hours

and should appeal to all ages

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