North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Costs and Financial Information

Note that a “day” for accounting purposes is from after lunch one day until after lunch the following day. Thus our Annual Session, from Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch is four “days”. You can register to attend any portion of Annual Session or all four days.

Whitworth University has been very generous with their pricing for children. This has allowed us to try a different approach for developing Annual Session costs for children.

There will be NO CHARGE for children through elementary school this year.


  • There needs to be at least one adult in each child's room.

  • Every child needs to be in a bed.

  • There is no charge for beds for children through Upper Elementary.

  • Central Friends and Junior Friends will be charged $15/night.

  • Adults in a shared room will be charged $28/night.

  • Adults in a private room will be charged $38/night.


(sheets, blanket, hand and bath towels, wash cloth, pillow, pillow case)

They are available for an extra charge of $10.50/night per person. You DO have the option of bringing your own.

You will need to designate your selection during registration.

While children’s beds are free, linens are not.

If you want linens for your child’s bed you will need to bring them, or pay for them.



  • The charge for an RV with 1-2 people age 13 or older is $15/night.

  • Each additional person age 13 or older is $10/night.

  • There is no charge for children age 12 and under, in an RV, with an adult.


Whitworth offers a variety of meal types and we ask you to indicate any dietary requests/requirements during registration (vegetarian, gluten free, etc).

Children through Upper Elementary are not charged for meals.

Central Friends, Junior Friends, and all Adults are charged for meals as follows:







You must register for meals in advance. You cannot buy meals in the campus dining hall after you arrive as Whitworth University is not set up to take payments in the cafeteria line. We will include a reminder of which meals you have purchased in your registration packet when you arrive.


The Annual Session fee covers all the shared expenses for putting on the Annual Session. These include, but are not limited to: rentals (meeting rooms, golf carts, audio-visual equipment, etc.), Friend-in-Residents' travel and expenses, supplies and snacks for the Children’s Program, office supplies, PayPal fees, fee waivers for staff members whose duties preclude their joining in planned activities, and a variety of similar costs.

This year we also chose to subsidize a portion of the costs for Central and Junior Friends to make attending Annual Session more affordable for families. Whitworth University’s generosity towards children made this feasible.

  • There is no Annual Session Fee for children through Upper Elementary.

  • There is no Annual Session Fee for Central Friends and Junior Friends.

  • Annual Session Fee for Adults is $39/day.