North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating committee minutes of July 15, 2015

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Coordinating Committee (CC)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

APPROVED, October 31, 2015


CC 7/15/15- 0 - Introduction and Worship

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Coordinating Committee (CC) gathered in worship at the 7/15/15 meeting for worship for business at Whitworth University in Spokane Washington. Clerk Chris Willard offered Friends the opportunity to speak about the health of their meetings and emerging and converging concerns. If Friends were assigned to communicate about Meetings which have not sent representatives, this is their opportunity to speak. Friends responded from the silence:

  • Umpqua Valley Worship Group has labored with issues and challenges of being a Worship Group vs. being a Meeting for 40 years.

  • Lopez Island Preparative Meeting is in the process of applying to become a Monthly Meeting.

  • Sandpoint has had enlightening visitors who spoke to the Meeting. Have had several new young attenders.

  • University Friends Meeting is in the process of Discernment re: their QuEST program becoming part of Quaker Voluntary Service program or remaining as is.

  • Eastside Meeting had the last of their founding members die this year and the meeting is grieving that beloved Friend.

  • Port Townsend celebrates the one year anniversary of their new Meeting House–attendance has increased with the new Meeting House.

  • Eugene has many children and an influx of new younger attenders have inspired education on Quaker Process. It has been hard to fill some positions.

  • Agate Passage is on a positive path in spite of some difficulties, allowing outreach including Environmental Concerns and End of Life matters.

  • Tacoma has had nice influx of new attenders.


Attendance: Chris Willard, Coordinating Committee (CC) Presiding Clerk, Tacoma Friends Meeting (FM); Jeannie Graves, CC Recording Clerk, South Seattle FM; Cynthia Black, Youth Committee Clerk, Eugene FM; Jonathan Brown, Treasurer, South Seattle FM; Margaret Coahran, General Arrangements, Pullman-Moscow FM; Paul Christiansen, Nominating, Eastside FM; Georgia Foster, Ministry and Oversight (M&O) Clerk, Wyoming FM; Sea Gabriel, Representative, South Seattle FM; Lucy Garnett, Representative, Salmon Bay FM; Elee Hadley, Outreach & Visitation Clerk, Umpqua Valley Worship Group; Otis Kenny, CC Associate Clerk, Boise Valley FM; Linda Kocourek, Secretary, University FM; Anne Laird, Member, Agate Passage FM; Richard Lewis, Member, Salem FM; Rose Lewis, Representative, Salem FM; Theo Mace, Committee on Discipline Co-Clerk, South Seattle FM; Ron Metcalf, Representative, Lopez Island Preparatory Meeting; Warren Ostrom, NPYM Rising Clerk, University FM; Tom Rawson, NPYM Presiding Clerk, Salmon Bay FM; Ann Stever, Member, University FM; Debbie Townsend, Committee on Discipline Co-Clerk, Eastside FM; Clint Weimeister, Web Keeper, Port Townsend FM; Kathryn Willard, Site Committee Co-Clerk, Tacoma FM; Steve Willer, Peace & Social Concerns, Sand Point FM.

Regrets from Carol Uhte, Member, Multnomah FM.


CC 7/15/15 - 1 - Minutes

Coordinating Committee approved the April 11, 2014 Coordinating Committee minutes.


CC7/15/15 - 2 - Executive Committee

Chris Willard reported on Executive Committee actions:

a) Nominations approved: Jim Humphrey on Epistle Committee

The Executive Committee discussed whether and when the committee needs to act on policy and job description changes. The committee feels that if there is no emergency, it’s best to bring issues to the full coordinating committee.


CC7/15/15 - 3 - Site Committee

Site committee has considered several sites and is excited about University of Puget Sound as site for 2017 and 2018. Universities raise rates for summer programs by 3% to 8% per year and we need to allow for that. The Site Committee Report 2015 will be kept with these minutes.


CC7/15/15 - 4 - Outreach and Visitation Committee

The Committee has been working on a program for visiting program similar to the old Brinton Visitor program. People want interaction but only two meetings have given feedback on how to make a visitation program happen so we lack structure and parameters for a program. Some Friends feel that a lack of volunteers may indicate a need to lay down the committee. A Friend will help strategize this weekend. We will see where things go from here. One Friends Meeting uses the word Outreach to mean reaching out to the broader community, which may be confusing.


CC7/15/15 - 5 - Treasurer - Finance and Legal Committee

It has been a big help to have a Laura Arcidiacono take over Annual Session finances. The Audit Committee (Donal Sullivan and Alan Rabinowitz) offered suggestions but had no major concerns. Friends with questions or concerns about the budget may speak to Jonathan Brown, our Treasurer. The annual Session will consider acceptance of the proposed budget and the financial statement.


CC 7/15/15 - 6 - Policy Drafts

We have made some changes on our Annual Session Financial Aid policy and our Travel Reimbursement policy including our policy on Fee Waivers. These changed policies are posted on the website. The Continuing Committee does not authorize policy change on major issues but we do work on ‘nuts and bolts’ issues. We deleted the parenthetical note “There is a place on the registration form for the individuals or families to say they are getting financial aid, but Monthly Meetings need to confirm this with the Registrar.” This is no longer true.

  1. Coordinating Committee approved the Policy Changes to Annual Session Financial Aid.

  2. Coordinating Committee approved the Policy Changes to Travel Reimbursement.

The Policies will be kept with these minutes.


CC7/15/15 – 7 - Discipline Committee

Meetings are requested to use the transitional chapters and let the Discipline Committee know how well the practices worked for them. Please give comments to the committee by November 1, 2015 on the two new chapters that are currently out to the meetings. They hope to complete their work by 2016 and the last call for comments will be at Annual Session 2016. The report of the committee will be kept with these minutes.


CC7/15/15 – 8 - Revisions of Job Descriptions

We have reviewed and revised the job description for the NPYM Secretary position. A short job announcement will be helpful for recruiting a new person as Linda is retiring in 2016.

a) Coordinating Committee approved having a job announcement and a more detailed job description.

b) Coordinating Committee accepted the revised job description for NPYM Secretary.

c) Coordinating Committee approved the Nominating committee revised job description, which is on the web page and attached to these minutes.


CC7/15/15 - 9 - Additional items

  1. Ministry and oversight passed out notes on their consultation on Quaker Values and Communication in the Electronic age, which will be kept with these minutes.

  2. Children’s Program Coordinator facilitated a joyful and lively ‘Play Shop’ sponsored by Youth Committee and ‘Western Friend’.

  3. Including remote Friends in our communications is an evolving concern.

  4. Ministry and Oversight committee reminded Friends about an interest group on ‘Safety and Boundaries’.

  5. Peace and Social Concerns committee will have an interest group on ‘Racism and White Privilege’ and on prioritizing Peace and Social Concerns issues within the yearly meeting community.


We closed with worship at 4:55 pm.


Chris Willard, Clerk

Jeannie Graves, Recording Clerk