North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of July 15, 2009

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee
July 15, 2009  University of Montana, Missoula Montana

CC7/09. 1  Clerk Elee Hadley convened the meeting with expectant silent worship.  Members present included:
 Alice Robb, Bellingham Meeting, member and NPYM Secretary
 Chris Cradler, Bridge City
 Debbie Townsend, Eastside
 Michael Williams, Eugene
 Ted Etter, Missoula, and General Arrangements Clerk
 Annis Bleeke, Multnomah and Coordinating Committee Associate Clerk
 Beth Rodman, Olympia
 Margaret Coahran, Pullman-Moscow
 Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay and Finance and Legal
 Melody Ashworth, South Mountain
 Kristina Sullivan, Tacoma
 David Wright, University
 Rae Lawrence, Walla Walla Preparative
 Jane Snyder, Recording Clerk
 Norm Pasche, Treasurer
 Helen Dart, Annual Session Presiding Clerk
 John Allcott, Ministry and Oversight
 Don Goldstein, Outreach and Visitation
 Diane Hollister, Youth
 Timothy Travis, Discipline
 Jim Hauser, Peace and Social Concerns
 Janet Jump, Nominating
 Bev Young, Physical Arrangements
 Elizabeth Willey, temporary member Sandpoint

To inspire our time together, Elee offered the reading, “The job of the peacemaker is to stop war, to purify the world, to get it saved from poverty and riches, to heal the sick, to comfort the sad, to wake up those who have not yet found God, to create joy and beauty wherever you go, to find God in everything and in everyone.” - Muriel Lester

CC7/09.2  We shared how we had gotten to Missoula.  Mentioned were many Subarus, Honda Hybrids, Priuses, buses, bicycles, scooters and jets.

CC7/09.3  The minutes of the April meeting were corrected to clarify that, in the IT Committee report, the three Friends serving to develop Annual Session registration software will be overseen by the clerk of the IT Committee.

CC7/09.4 Executive Committee report was given by Annis Bleeke.  In the interim between April's and July's Coordinating Committee meetings, it was timely to approve the nominations of Conrad Muller, University Meeting, as Jr. Friends Advisor; and of Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay, as Clerk of the Finance and Legal Committee.

CC7/09.5  Bev Young reported from the Site Committee.  We will have our Annual Sessions in 2011 and 2012 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.  ( July 13-17, 2011 and July 18-22, 2012)  John Etter is the nominee as clerk for the next Site Committee.  Friends approved the location of Annual Sessions for 2011 and 2012.

CC7/09.6  In Norm Pasche's financial report, it was noted that about $2,400 in financial aid has been granted thus far for NPYM 2009.  There has been a request from  Western Friend to increase NPYM's subsidy.  This request will be discussed at Annual Session in 2010.

CC7/09.7 Clerk Elee introduced the new function in which reports which were formerly made to Steering Committee would now be made in Plenary Session at Annual Session.  Coordinating Committee received previews of these reports.

CC7/09.7a  Outreach and Visitation report will circulate with the minutes. Highlights include Sakre Edson's project of visiting and interviewing isolated Friends, a possible O&V page on the NPYM Website, request for input on the new edition of the Survival Sourcebook, the announcement that Ashley Wilcox will serve as NPYM's visitor to NWYM, and that an article for  Western Friend  is in the works.

CC7/09.7b  Finance and Legal reports that a request has been received to increase the subsidy to Western Friend by $2,500.  This matter will come before the 2010 Annual Session.  A question has arisen regarding the insurance rider for event insurance for NPYM.  Current NPYM contact with the provider is Steve Wilson, who is not a member of the Finance and Legal committee.  Should the contact with the provider, Church Mutual, be a member of our Finance and Legal Committee?

CC7/09.7c  Information Technology Committee reports that Phase I of the electronic registration initiative is complete.  Phase II will begin soon.  Some questions about use of the generic e-mails for officers and committees remain.  Friends were advised to consult with their respective members of Coordinating Committee if they need information about Monthly Meeting officers.  Coordinating Committee members will supply this information with annual statistical reports.

CC7/09.7d  Discipline Committee was just beginning its report when the sound system in the room began broadcasting “Rock Around the Clock”.  We were given two documents; a report of  Discipline Committee activities and a description of the revision process.  DC will present two interest groups, one on “Radical Inclusiveness” and the other, “Sources of Inspiration”.  Discipline Committee wants to hear what people are talking about.  Friends are encouraged to take part in the Discipline Committee's e-mail listserv.

CC7/09.7e  Nominating Committee will have a table outside the plenary room for information and suggestions.

CC7/09.7f  Peace and Social Concerns Committee has established contact people in nearly all worshipping groups of NPYM.

CC7/09.7g Pre-nominating Committee has no report at this time.

CC7/09.7h  Ministry and Oversight is energized by a recent retreat.  They request a Minute of Support for Ashley Wilcox as she undertakes planning the 2010 Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference.  She will use this minute in support of her application for a Susan Bax grant from FWCC.  It is noted that travel within NPYM, the minute originates in the Monthly Meeting, and travel outside NPYM; the minute would come from the Yearly Meeting.  We will discuss this question further  at our November meeting.  In the meantime, Elee will sign the minute and report having done so to the Annual Session.

CC7/09.i Youth Committee has been working on a safety for minors policy.  The Youth and Youth Focus Development Committees will report to plenary.

CC7/09.8  Friends discussed timing of Coordinating Committee meetings.  This November 7 th, we will try an all day and into the evening Saturday format.

CC7/09.9  Elee as Coordinating Committee Clerk requests that NPYM Committee Clerks copy all documents to her.

Our July Coordinating Committee meeting closed in expectant silent worship.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Snyder
Recording Clerk