North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of July 14, 2010

North Pacific  Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee
July 14, 2010, 4:00 – 5:45 pm
Missoula, Montana

CC7/10.1   Associate Clerk  Annis Bleeke convened the meeting with a period of expectant silent worship.  Friends introduced themselves.  When Clerk Elee Hadley arrived and took over, she invited us to pray for our world.  Prayer concerns Elee mentioned included care of our earth, care for the hungry, fresh water, homes for the homeless and peace in areas of war. 

Present were:
 Ashley  Wilcox (University Friends, Freedom Friends), reporting on traveling minute
 Jana Ostrom ( University Friend) elder for  Ashley  Wilcox
 Melody  Ashworth (South Mountain)
 Ezra Black (Eugene)Young Friends
 Michael  Williams ( Eugene) Pre- nominating
 Tom Rawson (Salmon Bay) Finance and Legal
 Clint  Weimeister (Port  Townsend) Information and  Technology
 Kristina Sullivan (Tacoma)
 Debbie  Townsend (Eastside) Committee on the Discipline
 Jay  Thatcher (Corvallis) Committee on the Discipline
 Annis Bleeke (Multnomah)  Associate Clerk
 Betsey Kenworthy (Multnomah) Nominating
 Don Goldstein (Bellingham)  Outreach and  Visitation
 Dianne Hollister (Multnomah)   Youth
 Chris Cradler (Bridge City)
 Sandra Harold (San Juan)
 Rae Lawrence (Walla  Walla)
 Ted Etter (Missoula) General  Arrangements
 Jim Humphrey (Heartland)
 Lou Landry (Boise  Valley)
 John  Alcott (Eugene) Ministry and Oversight
 David  Wright (University) Pre - nominating
 Jean Roberts (Sky  Valley)
 Margaret Coahran (Pullman – Moscow) Registrar
 Beth Rodman (Olympia)
 Alice Robb (Bellingham) NPYM Secretary
 Janet Jump (Bridge City) Presiding Clerk
 Elee Hadley (Umpqua  Valley) CC clerk
 Norm Pasche (University)  Treasurer

CC7/10.2  Minutes of the  April meeting were approved  corrected to reflect formation of  Ad Hoc Committees.

CC7/10.3  Executive Committee report:
Executive Committee has met, reviewed NPYM and CC agenda, and discussed problems.
Executive Committee proposes to add  Web Page Editor and liaison to  Webkeeper as part of  Associate Clerk's duties.

NPYM has been asked to co – sign Meeting House fund for Olympia Meeting.   This question will be discussed more later.

Request for reimbursement from an individual young Friend for expenses incurred in the previous fiscal year was agreed to; pending receipt of receipts. Reminder to Friends that FY ends September 30, please turn in receipts before end of FY.

NPYM Nominating Committee has been functioning all year short of staff.

Executive Committee will meet face to face for EC breakfast Sunday at this  YM.

CC7/10.4  Pre-nominating Committee.  David  W right, Don Goldstein, and Michael  W illiams.   Still contacting many more people, at this time no names to bring forward.  Clerk Elee encouraged all Friends to assist in whatever way possible.   The pre nominating committee suggests

1) that the committee be formed from QM clerks (or designee), clerked by  Associate Clerk;   Or  

2) volunteers from floor of first plenary at  AS and report to final plenary, to be continued until next  AS as needed.   Two more possible solutions:

3) name pre nominating committee from spring CC meeting (current practice); or

4) have NC fill itself.  EC feels that the nepotism concern which has led Friends in the past to have members of Nominating Committee nominated by pre nominating is outweighed by concerns about time and availability of Friends to serve.    A  discussion followed regarding the four options. These ideas will be discussed at the October meeting.  In the meantime, support for the existing pre nominating committee is urged.

CC7/10.5  Budget  and Finance  and Legal.  Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay; and Norm Pasche, treasurer.  Elee expressed appreciation for the four year summary of budget and actual.   The amount donated to Western Friend is $2,000, rather than $2,500 as previously discussed.

CC7/10.6  Betsey Kenworthy  reported for Nominating Committee.  Betsey reports experiencing and feeling grateful for gifts and discoveries.  Betsey characterizes the work of the Committee as discernment work.   Ability to follow through and to participate in monthly conference calls is important to the work of the Committee.   Add to grid report: NPYM Rising Clerk John  Alcott 10/10 – 9/11. Friends are reminded that current job descriptions are posted on the NPYM website.

CC7/10.7   After a period of open worship,  Ashley  Wilcox reported on her travels on behalf of Pacific NW Quaker  Women's  Theology Conference.  She introduced her elder, Jana Ostrom.   Ashley now realizes that asking her home meeting for a traveling minute would have been good.  She appreciates having support of a care committee.   Ashley was able to use Susan Bax funds from FWCC.  It would be helpful to future ministers to be asked about need for elder or other support.  Many Friends shared appreciation for  Ashley's work and for the quality of the conference.

CC7/10.8  Outreach and  Visitation Committee structural revisions.   An augmented committee, including a member from Nom Comm and from M&O, reviewed the Committee's job description.   After time to review the proposed changes a conference call was held  to  discuss them.  Don Goldstein presented a summary of changes: Agreed to simplify process by having all 6 or 7 members nominated by NC.   Term length of 2 rather than 3 year terms. Drop two items from former job description:  publication of new materials, NPYM rep to NWYM.   This last could be taken over by NPYM Secretary and Executive Committee.   Isolated Friend update for NPYM directory would  continue. Contact with worship groups not under care of MM would continue as a first priority , second priority distant from meeting in whose care, or by request. Other tasks; remain open to publications tasks that arise, such as Sakre Edson's project of interviewing isolated Friends.   We will use proposed job description as a working document until Executive Committee recommends to fall CC how to handle items removed from OV job description.  Correction:  add word “between” to the “appointed by” clause.

CC7/10.9  Directory  is shorter length due to availability of Meeting info on website, and
supplementary directory to be released in the fall.

CC7/10.10  Reports were circulated from  Ad Hoc  Youth Safety Policy Committee and  Ad Hoc Committee to consider affiliation with Friends General Conference.  No report was received from the Ad Hoc Committee to consider affiliation with Quaker Earthcare  Witness.  

CC7/10.11   The report from Ministry and Oversight mentioned that Heartland  Meeting is reinventing itself as a function of MGOF.  It is recommended that, when all is said and done, in the fall, that a history be made available perhaps in  W estern Friend.   C felt it important that their process of reinventing themselves as an “executive meeting” be documented as a possible model and perhaps as a part of our Faith and Practice.

CC7/10.12  New registration software has been made the process “different”; parts easier, parts different.  Refinements will result.

CC7/10.13   Annual Session details.  Janet Jump reports that much material will be posted to avoid paper use.  Please see  Ted Etter or Carol Bellin for immediate physical arrangements needs, contact through  YM office.

CC7/10.14 Elee opened to discussion, adding to  Associate Clerk job description as point under responsibilities:  Associate Clerk serves as editor of NPYM  Website, working closely with  Webkeeper to assure that the website is current and accurate.   Approved

CC7/10.15  Date for fall CC  Multnomah Meetinghouse; Oct. 30.

CC7/10.16 Emerging Issues

How we make decisions in NPYM Evaluating  YM structure A suggestion was made regarding emerging issues: suggestion: Notify  Clerk in advance for Clerk's  use in forming agenda for CC. Another point regarding emerging issues: Send State of Meeting reports to CC members: CC Clerk could solicit emerging issues during  agenda development.

CC7/10.16 Coordinating Committee closed in expectant worship to reconvene October 30 th  at Multnomah Meetinghouse.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Snyder
Recording Clerk