North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of July 13, 2016

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee

Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

July 13, 2016



Present: Kenny, Otis, Coordinating Committee Clerk, Boise; Stever, Ann, Recording Clerk, University; Bennett, Lee, Finance & Legal Committee Clerk, University; Brown, Jonathan, Treasurer, South Seattle; Coahran, Margaret, Annual Session Planning Committee Co-Clerk, Pullman-Moscow; Etter, John, Site Committee Clerk, Multnomah; Ewell, Tom, Whidbey Island; Foster, Georgia, MGOF; Garnett, Lucy, Salmon Bay; Hadley, ELee, Outreach & Visitation Clerk, Umpqua Valley Worship Group; Howell, Sabina, Salmon Bay: Humphrey, Lucretia, Rising Clerk, NPYM, Faith & Practice Committee, Great Falls WG; Kocourek, Linda, NPYM Secretary (out-going); Mace, Theo, Faith & Practice Committee Co-Clerk, South Seattle; McLauchlan, Nancy, Ministry & Oversight Committee Clerk, Bridge City; Metcalf, Ron, Lopez Island; Ostrom, Warren, NPYM Presiding Clerk, University; Percival, Nora, NPYM Secretary (in-coming), University; Rawson, Tom, Lopez Island; Robb, Alice, Faith & Practice Committee, Bellingham; Snyder, Jane, Associate Clerk Coordinating Committee (in-coming), Multnomah; Stockbridge, Allen, Bellingham; Townsend, Debbie, Faith & Practice Committee Co-Clerk, Eastside; Westmoreland, Barbara, Salem; Weimeister, Clint, Port Townsend; Willard, Chris, Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk, Tacoma; Willard, Kathryn, Nominating Committee Clerk, Site Committee Co-Clerk, Tacoma; Zeiss, David, Eugene.


Meetings unrepresented: Agate Passage Meeting, Billings Meeting, Corvallis Meeting, Missoula Meeting, Olympia Meeting, Sandpoint Meeting, South Mountain Meeting.


CC7/16.1 The Meeting opened with worship.


CC 7/16.2 Reports from Meetings and Groups

Bellingham Meeting: Bellingham is doing well.

Boise Valley Meeting: The Meeting has grown from 8 – 12 on First Day to 12 – 16. Their Clerk, Lee Godschalk is at Annual Session.

Bridge City Meeting: They are doing well with 15 – 25 on First Day. They have no children. They had a retreat in June. They said farewell to Gerhardt Quast who left to go to Namibia with the Peace Corps. Some members are involved in a downtown Portland mid-week worship group.

Eastside: Their numbers are smaller; they are challenged to fill their committees. They continue.

Eugene: The meeting is in a period of transition. They have combined 2 committees that used to have 6 members each into 1 Ministry & Worship and Nurture with 5 members. Their worship is deepening. They have had 3 deaths in the last year and 3 marriages in the last 3 months.

Great Falls Worship Group: They started about 30 years ago with 4 – 6 members. They now have 12 or more, of which 5 were attending Yearly Meeting. They actively support FCNL.

Lopez Island Meeting: After a thorough clearness process, Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting approved the recommendation that Lopez become a Monthly Meeting in April 2016. Friends are excited.

Montana Gathering of Friends (MGOF): MGOF operates as both a Quarterly and Monthly Meeting. There were about 45 at their winter gathering, in which they focused on financial issues, including how Friends talk about money. Summer MGOF’s theme is Finding the Divine in our Meetings: Feeling Hope in our Practice. They will have a retreat the day before.

Port Townsend Meeting: The Meeting is happy and challenged. They have 20 – 25 at worship and 2 children. This year they lost a member who was 99 years old. They have a new Peace & Social Concerns Committee and hosted the Golden Rule (restored sailboat that sailed in 1958 to stop nuclear testing and is again sailing for a nuclear free world). The meeting hosts a concert in their meetinghouse once a month.

Salem Meeting: They have 8 – 20 at worship and a children’s program as well.

Salmon Bay Meeting: The Meeting remains about the same with about 15 with about 19 regular attenders and an active First Day School.

South Seattle Meeting: The Meeting is doing well with 25 – 35 and worship and about 15 children in their First Day School program. They have been active in the community. They supported the Curry Temple of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Seattle, which had been vandalized. A number of members went to the Islamic Center of Federal Way to express support for the Muslim community after threats.

Tacoma Meeting: Their numbers have risen a bit with 5 – 15 at worship. They have built and painted a new shed. The city is devaluing the property, as there are plans to revamp the Tacoma Mall area. The city wants the green space where the Meetinghouse is.

Umpqua Valley Worship Group: The Worship Group is in its 40th year. They support a new Worship group in Grants Pass. Of their 3 – 10 active members, 4 were at Annual Session. Three members are in their 90’s.

University Meeting: The average age of the Meeting is decreasing. There are 50 – 70 at 11am worship and 20 – 30 at 9:30. The SHARE program for homeless people can no longer support indoor shelters, so the Meeting no longer has people sleeping in the worship room. The meeting has recently welcomed some new people into membership. The roof of the Meetinghouse and the carpet in the worship room are in the process of being replaced. Friends are being better stewards.

Whidbey Island Meeting: This now next-to-newest Monthly Meeting is growing slowly, having now 15 – 20 at worship.


CC 7/16.3 Minutes

Minutes of the April 2, 2016 meeting were approved as corrected (we met at Eastside Mtg in Bellevue, WA).


CC 7.16.7 Personnel Committee (Revised Policy attached to file copy of minutes)

a) Chris Willard, Clerk of Personnel Committee, introduced Nora Percival, newly appointed NPYM Secretary.

b) Chris presented the revised personnel policy. The Treasurer raised a question of the timing for salary increases in relation to the budget process.


The Revised Personnel Policy, dated April 2016, was approved with the following change in the timing of staff reviews. The annual staff performance reviews should take place early in the calendar year, so that any salary changes can be incorporated into the first draft of the next year’s budget. The first draft of the budget is presented at the Spring Coordinating Committee’ the deadline for the final draft is May 31 so that it is read for consideration at the NPYM Annual Session.


CC 7.16.5 Nominating Committee (Report attached to file copy of minutes.)

Kathryn Willard, Clerk of Nominating Committee previewed the report to be considered at the Annual Session. While she had a great experience with the committee, she noted that the nominating process was an overwhelming undertaking. The committee notes there is a systemic problem. The full report will come to the Annual Session.


CC 7.16.6 Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting

Sabina Howell reported that the theme for the September PNW Quarterly Meeting will be Gender Fluidity. We were made aware that “CC” means the Coordinating Committee of NPYM but also the Continuing Committee of PNW Quarterly Meeting. Sabina only knew of the latter and thought she was supposed to report. She was welcomed and we noted the need to be clear about the meaning when using abbreviations.


CC 7.16.7 Site Committee

Kathryn Willard, Co-Clerk of Site the Committee reported that the site for 2017 and 2018 is the University of Puget Sound (UPS) in Tacoma, WA. She spoke with the new coordinator at UPS and discovered there was no record of our reservation. This will be resolved August 9 when Kathryn meets with her. Kathryn will ask for the coordinator’s signature as well as that of the University president. We will not be the only conference at this small university.


John Etter, Clerk of Site Committee, reported the committee is working on the site for 2019 and 2020. Pacific University has us penciled in. Reed College and Linfield may be interested by do not book that far out. John reported that we did get about $1,700 back from Pacific because of the construction challenges when we met there in 2014.


CC 7.16.8 Outreach and Visitation (Report attached to file copy of minutes)

ELee Hadley, Clerk of Outreach and Visitation, reported that the Committee’s first visitor in their “Knitting Us Together” program, Pablo Stanfield, visited 3 Worship Groups and 4 Meetings as well as Freedom Friends Church in Southern Oregon. He addressed three topics: the 2016 World Plenary Meeting of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) in Peru in January, eldering as a positive function and study as a spiritual process. The Committee is now offering the opportunity to apply to be a traveler, an elder, or a member of the Outreach and Visitation Committee.


CC 7.16.9 Finance and Legal Committee (3rd Quarter Report and proposed budget attached to file copy of minutes)

Jonathan Brown, Treasurer, presented the 3rd Quarter Report and proposed budget to be considered by the Annual Session. There were no questions.


CC7.16.10 Annual Session Planning Committee

Margaret Coahran, Co-Clerk of the Planning Committee, reported that there were a number of last minute cancellations and registrations. “We are as ready as we will be.”


CC 7.16.11 Multnomah Minute on Welcoming all Genders/Proposed Inclusivity Minute (attached to file copy of minutes)

This minute is to be circulated to all Meetings to season before the 2017 Annual Session. We were reminded that the Yearly Meeting currently does not have a functioning Peace and Social Concerns Committee. Therefore the Coordinating Committee Clerk will provide a brief report to remind Meetings of the process and ask them to season this minute and send responses to Multnomah Meeting.


CC 7.16.12 Committee on the Discipline

Debbie Townsend and Theo Mace, Co-clerks of the Committee on the Discipline , provided an up-date. The process is “maturing nicely”. Two revisions have been circulated previously. The last major chapter on the Testimonies is now being circulated for comment. The committee expects to finish the text by the end of January 2017. The whole proposed revised Faith and Practice will then be posted on the NPYM website. Friends will be asked to use and test it. At that time, feedback on typos or places that make no sense will be welcomed, but the committee will not be considering major revisions. The document will be presented to the 2017 Annual Session as a gift. In the meantime, Lee Neff will be the copy editor. The Committee will bring a new job description for the Faith & Practice Committee to Coordinating Committee, hopefully in October but certainly by April. The committee thanked those who have responded. Coordinating Committee expressed enormous gratitude for the tremendous work of the Discipline Committee.


The meeting closed with a period of expectant worship.


Otis Kenny, Clerk

Ann Stever, Recording Clerk


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