Coordinating Committee Minutes Archive

October-16-2021 Online

August-7-2021 Online

March-20-2021 Online

October-24-2020 Online

July-21-2020 Online (draft minutes)

March-21-2020 Online

October-26-2019 at Multnomah Friends Meeting, Portland, OR

July-17+19-2019 Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

March-16-2019 at Olympia Friends Meeting, Olympia, WA

Oct-27-2018 at Multnomah Meetinghouse in Portland, OR

Jul-25-2018 at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA

Mar-17-2018 at University Friends Meeting in Seattle, WA

Oct-21-2017 at Multnomah Meetinghouse in Portland, OR

Jul-26-2017 at Annual Session in Tacoma, WA

Mar-18-2017 at Olympia Meeting, Olympia, WA

Oct-29-2016 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Jul-13-2016 at Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

Apr-2-2016 at Eastside Meeting, Bellevue, WA

Oct-31-2015 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Jul-15-2015 at Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

Apr-11-2015 at Tacoma Friends Meeting House, Tacoma, WA

Nov-8-2014 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Jul-23-2014 at Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Apr-5-2014 at University Friends Meetinghouse, Seattle, WA

Oct-19-2013 at Multnomah Friends Meeting House, Portland, OR

Jul-17-2013 at Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Apr-13-2013 at Tacoma Meeting, Tacoma, WA

Nov-10-2012 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Apr-14-2012 at Olympia Monthly Meeting, Olympia, WA

Oct-22-2011 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Apr-2-2011 at Eastside Meeting, Bellevue, WA

Oct-30-2010 at Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR

Jul-14-2010 at Missoula, MT

Apr-10-2010 at Olympia Friends Meetinghouse, Olympia, WA

Nov-7-2009 at Multnomah Meetinghouse, Portland, OR

Jul-15-2009 at University of Montana, Missoula MT

Apr-17-18-2009 at North Seattle Friends Church