North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of April 2, 2011

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee
Saturday, April 2, 2011, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Eastside Meeting, Bellevue, WA

CC4/02.0 Coordinating Committee Clerk ELee Hadley opened the meeting with words of
thanks to Eastside Meeting for hosting, to David Wright for coordinating hospitality, and to Tom Rawson for taking notes for the absent recording clerk. A member of Eastside Meeting gave a message of welcome to the committee. In attendance were:

Officers and Committee Clerks
ELee Hadley, CC Clerk
Melody Ashworth, Associate CC Clerk
Laura Arcidiacono, Treasurer
Janet Jump, Presiding Clerk of NPYM
Donal Sullivan, Finance & Legal Committee
Lynn Travis, Youth Committee
Debbie Townsend, Committee on the Discipline
Pam Melick, Nominating Committee

Members from Monthly Meetings
Otis Kenny, Boise Valley
Chris Cradler, Bridge City
Jean Roberts, Eastside
Michael Williams, Eugene
Jim Humphrey, Heartland-MGOF
Ted Etter, Missoula
Annis Bleeke, Multnomah
Beth Rodman, Olympia
Margaret Coahran, Pullman-Moscow & AS registrar
Keith Kohan, Salem
Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay, today’s recording clerk
Rae Lawrence, Walla Walla
Jonathan Brown, South Seattle

Dual Roles
Alice Robb, Bellingham/NPYM Secretary
Bill Ashworth, South Mountain/Ministry & Oversight (M&O) member
Clint Weimeister, Port Townsend/Information Technology (IT) Committee clerk
A period of silent worship followed introductions.

CC4/02.1 Review, corrections, and acceptance of the October 2010 CC minutes
Under CC 10/30.14, “Part time—800 hours” was replaced with “625 hours”. The spelling of Jonathan Brown’s and Jim Hauser’s names were corrected. The October 2010 CC minutes were approved with these corrections, and can now be posted on the NPYM website.

CC4/02.2 Executive Committee report
ELee Hadley presented on the activities of the Executive Committee: Ministry and Oversight Committee took over the work of finding a representative to Northwest Yearly Meeting; Executive Committee approved interim nominations for Annual Session jobs, generated names for Nominating Committee, revised the job description of Outreach and Visitation Committee, looked at the NPYM Secretary’s job description and the process for hiring Alice Robb’s replacement, met with NPYM Archivist Jonathan Betz-Zall and considered the process for refining and adopting archival policies and procedures, and discussed the NPYM web site and its increased use. Friends were curious about how to access documents such as job descriptions. Associate CC Clerk Melody Ashworth informed the committee that most documents are available on the web site,

CC4/02.3 Break-out time for Clerks to meet together, time for Monthly Meeting (MM)
members to meet together. Officers and Committee Clerks met upstairs, and members from MMs met in the worship room. The acting recording clerk met with this group. Everyone shared briefly what has been emerging and converging. The biggest challenges are finding people to fill positions, providing a good children’s program when there are few children attending regularly, caring for meeting houses (those who have meeting houses), and finding good spaces to meet (those who don’t have meeting houses). Members from MMs agreed this is a good format for sharing emerging and converging issues. Questions remain: how do we communicate this information to CC and MM members, and how can we facilitate Meetings helping each other?

CC4/02.4 Annual Session Planning update
Janet Jump reported on the progress of planning for Annual Session (AS):
• The weekend of March 26, some Friends, including Janet, toured the PLU campus. The
PLU Conference Coordinator informed them of a major change in facilities. NPYM will
use upper campus only during AS.
• Food service is different than it has been at previous gatherings. You pay based on what’s on your plate. You can pay up front for a meal card, but if there is a balance left over, PLU keeps it. NPYM registration will ask registrants to decide how much to put on each card.
• There will be no simple meal, due to expense of catering.
• PLU will not charge for dorm rooms for anyone under age 10.
• There will be a work project.
• NPYM will put on a Quaker Fair. This event will remove reports from plenary sessions.
Organizations will report through staffing tables on Friday afternoon. There will be
bulletin board space for posting, as usual.
• Janet will send out paperwork/reports ahead of time to registrants. Committees should
send reports to Janet by June 15 so that they can be distributed to registrants in
advance of AS.

Other Annual Session-related announcements:
• Lynn Travis reported that Junior Friends Camp registration is already on web site.
• Margaret Coahran explained that one can pay “0” for meals at registration and pay cash
at each meal. There is an advantage to us with the PLU system: unlike at University of
Montana, anyone can enter dining room for socializing or meetings, even if not registered
for meals. This year committees can meet more easily during meal times.

CC4/02.5 Nominating Committee report – Pam Melick
Nom Comm found the process of nominating its own members successful, though it means a lot more work when there are vacancies on the committee. The committee will seek ‘guest members’, to fill in when they are shorthanded, who will serve in an advisory capacity only (not phoning nominees). Nom Comm’s page on the NPYM web site now lists positions that need to be filled, andan updated slate will be posted after each CC meeting to reflect ad hoc committee membership and other approved nominations. The committee still lacks geographical balance; Montana is not represented yet.

Nominations accepted at this meeting:
• Lyn Gordon for Program Coordinator 04/11-09/11
• Barbara Goldfeder for Epistle Committee 04/11-09/11
• Alexandra Bernard for Nominating through 09/13
All approved

It was decided to continue with Nom Comm finding its own members. This will only work if people step up when asked by Nom Comm and serve as guest members when there are
vacancies. It was decided to lay down Pre-Nominating Committee.

CC4/02.6 Consideration of the revised job description for the Outreach & Visitation (O&V)
Committee for approval. ELee read the draft of O&V job description, which had most recently been revised by the Executive Committee, and opened the issue to discussion. Melody Ashworth clerked part of the discussion. Two main points were considered:
1.) Should the job description of this (or any) committee specify when and how often a
committee should meet? Friends who objected to specifying a committee meeting schedule felt that the committee should be able to make its own schedule based on its ever-changing needs. One of the problems this committee had in the past is that they were asked to meet when there was no business to consider. Those advocating the opposing viewpoint—that some guidelines for regular meetings should be specified—included the clerk of Nominating Committee, who pointed out that Friends being asked to serve on committees want to know what kind of time commitment will be expected of them.
2.) Who is O&V primarily meant to serve? Isolated Friends? Worship Groups? Monthly
Meetings? Some Friends had questions about the priorities of this committee and the differing needs of Isolated Friends, geographically remote worship groups, and geographically remote Monthly Meetings. After much discussion, a working group was designated to make revisions during the lunch hour. They returned from lunch with a new draft. There was more discussion and a few more changes were made. The discussion grew into a conversation about committee job descriptions in general, and it was suggested that committee job descriptions could be simplified if we drafted an auxiliary document for all committees that had some general guidelines for successful clerking. This potential document might be considered to be an appendix to the Discipline. Bill Ashworth will send the approved revisions to ELee, who will distribute to CC the final wording of the new O&V job description, which can then be used and posted on the web site.

CC4/02.7 Update on the laying down of Heartland MM and the new roles taken on by MGOF – Jim Humphrey Heartland Monthly Meeting technically still exists. MGOF Monthly Meeting is taking on the tasks of a Monthly Meeting. There will be a work party at summer MGOF to finally resolve all transfer issues and the matter of laying down Heartland MM will be put on the business meeting agenda. NPYM M&O is requesting a specific list of tasks being done and who the responsiblecontact person is – for instance, concerning NPYM assessments or where official records will be housed. Will McDowell is still clerk but Nick Salmon will take over soon. We are anticipating an article for Western Friend on this process, which can lead to a model for our Discipline about the process of laying down a Meeting. MGOF will soon be considered both a Quarterly Meeting and a Monthly Meeting.

CC4/02.8 Info from ad hoc committees – Youth Safety Policy, QEW, FLGTBQC, FGC, AS

Youth Safety Policy – Chris Cradler
There have been some wording changes. The biggest question with the policy is in regard
to the background check—how will this be implemented? Information must be kept in a
secure place. This may be a job for the Secretary. Chris and Youth Committee Clerk Lynn Travis say an Implementation Committee will need to be formed. This committee will also probably be responsible for deciding what criteria disqualify someone from performing childcare duties. Now that the policy is decided, the task of implementation can be tackled.

Quaker Earthcare Witness – ELee Hadley
Quaker Earthcare Witness is on the agenda for Annual Session.

FLGTBQC – ELee Hadley
This committee has done some work. It will be bringing CC a proposal similar to what
Caroline Wildflower has used with Port Townsend meeting. This is not an official
affiliation question, but defining our relationship with them.

FGC affiliation committee – ELee
The committee has been disappointed by the lack of input from Monthly Meetings.
Presiding Clerk Janet Jump expressed doubt that this issue will be ready to be on the
agenda for Annual Session.

AS Finances committee – ELee
The committee’s full written report and guidelines were distributed to CC members by
email. It is looking at costs for families to attend Annual Session (AS). Margaret, who
was on the committee, said AS Planning Committee referred to guidelines put forth by
committee. CC approved the acceptance of this report. Questions raised will need to
be followed up. CC approved the laying down of this committee with thanks.

CC4/02.9 Finance & Legal Committee brings us the draft 2011-2012 budget – Donal Sullivan,Laura Arcidiacono Laura gave out a draft budget showing figures both with and without affiliations (Friends General Conference and Quaker Earthcare Witness). Affiliation with FGC and QEW will lead to increased assessments ($6 per member FGC, $3 QEW, $9 both). This may end up being a question of priorities. This budget is 16K in the red. Reserves can absorb that for one year, but for the long term that can’t be sustained. That is why assessment increase is the recommendation. Funding for representatives to organizations has been insufficient with current organizations for years. Do we need major priority setting discussion? ELee suggested a longer retreat-style CC meeting, perhaps with a facilitator, to give adequate consideration to priorities, as defined by Finance & Legal.

CC4/02.10 Report on the results of the Evaluation survey. How shall we survey Monthly
Meetings? Break into groups to set goals.ELee gave a report on the results of the  self-evaluation survey that was distributed to CC by email. This is in preparation to report to 2011 AS regarding self-evaluation. Beginning in 2012, all Friends in NPYM are to be invited to participate in an evaluation of the CC and the restructuring process (format to be determined). CC members worked in small groups (twos and threes), each group looking at one question on the evaluation and its responses.

#1a How well has CC improved communication among committees?
Sharing information is good Attending CC increases connection Lack of time is perpetual challenge What might CC do in the next year? Balance between “Don’t tell us what to do” and a yearning for direction. Suggestion: internet bulletin board so committees see what’s going on.

#1b How can we improve connections between standing committees and Monthly Meetings? Standing committees could send info (minutes, etc.) directly to MMs and have way for MMs to communicate directly with them. At the moment, MMs depend on having an active CC member Idea: establish NPYM online list coordinator Idea: establish social networking sites

#2 How has new structure improved interconnectedness?
The work of standing committees makes YM more visible to MM attenders.

#3 Supporting Worship Groups, Isolated Friends, etc. O&V has not been effective thus far
WGs are left out of the communication loop Liaisons for WGs without CC members are not functioning well O&V needs good job description in order to get good members
Idea: pen pals for Isolated Friends

#4 How are standing committees functioning in the new structure? Having an effective committee clerk is important Committees need clear purpose, goals, agendas, and structures Finding people to serve is challenge Suggestion: hold regular clerking workshops to improve effectiveness of committee clerks

#5 How well do CC members understand their roles and responsibilities?
We are learning by doing Let’s reserve judgment for a bit longer as to whether or not it’s working Is CC’s charge too large?

#6 Frequency and length of CC meetings One day meetings are generally preferred
The long day is difficult as well

#7 CC’s accomplishments A lot was accomplished! Ad hoc committees—creation and laying down—working well.Communication with MMs is good.

#8 What is the greatest need for improvement? Need more people doing fewer things
Need more community building Need balance between YM business and YM  spiritual/community experiences

#9 Survey all YM members Evaluation rubric is too long. Abbreviate it. Evaluation assumes knowledge of the current and former structures Suggestion: have initial questions about level of understanding and YM experience ELee will email results of the survey of CC members to CC members and to the old Structure Implementation Committee, which generated the evaluation process we are using. M&O has not been a strong presence at CC meetings, both because the clerk has been absent and because there have not been reports. A member of NPYM M&O noted that the current clerk of M&O has chosen not to attend CC meetings. Likely that will change when a new clerk is appointed. M&O held an invitational conference call with Monthly Meeting M&O clerks with about 25 participants on the topic of reaching out to “new comers and ‘few’ comers,” which was extremely successful. They intend to repeat this opportunity with a different set of queries. ELee Hadley reported from Peace and Social Concerns Committee, as Jim Hauser was unable toattend due to pressing family matters and has resigned. The committee will have a table at Quaker Fair at AS. The Population and Sustainability minute will be on AS agenda. The
Military Clearness minute is not ready for AS agenda.

CC4/02.11 Archives Policy and Procedure
ELee reported that the Executive Committee has been trying to determine what needs to be archived. Jonathan Betz-Zall wrote a draft of policy and procedure for the archivist, and
Executive Committee would like to form an ad hoc committee to work with Jonathan on
revisions. An ad hoc committee dedicated to his purpose was formed, with members Bill Ashworth (clerk), Laura Arcidiacono, Clint Weimeister. Laura wished to include Carl Abbott, former archivist, as a consultant, and volunteered to ask him.

CC4/02.12 Information Technology (IT) Committee brings us the contract for maintenance of the new registration software – Clint Weimeister There is $1000 in the budget to manage/improve registration software. IT Committee recommends we sign the contract (reviewed by Dan Clark, attorney) to maintain and upgrade registration software. There are things that need to be changed from last year’s software, including the procedure of paying for meals. ELee Hadley will sign the contract.

CC4/02.13 Report on the hiring of a new NPYM Secretary – Melody Ashworth
The new NPYM secretary is Linda Kocourek, a young Friend just moving from Multnomah
MM to University MM. Approved with many thanks to Melody Ashworth for leading the
efforts of the Personnel Committee.CC4/02.14 M&O Committee on NWYM visitor, the process for Meeting for Memorials – Bill Ashworth This year’s NWYM visitors will be Joe and Jane Snyder. An application and two inquiries were received after the application deadline, so perhaps the deadline should be determined by the NWYM registration deadline in the future. Meeting for Memorials has grown due to aging of membership. The time for reflection was cut out of this event. The new guidelines are that memorial minutes will be posted rather than read aloud. A short “Friendly Essence” will be read, with the intention that there be more quiet interludes in remembering these Friends’ lives. CC members from MMs were asked to let their Meetings know that memorial minutes should be sent to NPYM’s M&O Committee in time for minutes to be included in mailing to YM registrants. The deadline is June 15. Clerk ELee confirmed that M&O has the decision-making power to decide the timeline for the NWYM visitor application.

CC4/02.15 Next CC Meeting at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA -- Weds. July 13.
Where and how shall we meet in the fall? We revisited the idea of a longer retreat-like weekend meeting, but settled on another 9-hour meeting for next fall. Rising CC clerk Melody Ashworth will consider a longer meeting for the spring CC meeting. We expect to meet 9am-6pm on a Saturday in fall at Multnomah Meeting House. Annis Bleeke will get available dates from Multnomah MM for October.

Meeting closed with silent worship.