North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of April 17-18, 2009

North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Coordinating Committee
Minutes of April 17-18, 2009

April 17, 2009
North Seattle Friends Church
Evening Session

CC 4/09.1  Clerk Elee Hadley convened the first meeting of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee.  Present were:  Janet Jump (Nominating Committee), Margaret Coahran, (Pullman- Moscow), Debbie Townsend (Eastside), Jonathan Brown (South Seattle Preparative Meeting), Don Goldstein (Outreach and Visitation), Norm Pasche (Treasurer), David Wright (University), Timothy Travis (Discipline),Lou Landry (Boise Valley, Peace and Social Concerns), Patty Damento (Agate Passage), Annis Bleeke (Assistant Clerk), Michael Williams (Eugene), Charlie Kimball (Finance and Legal), Alice Robb (Secretary), Keith Kohan (Salem), Elee Hadley (Clerk), Helen Dart (NPYM Presiding Clerk), Kristina Sullivan (Tacoma), Ted Etter (Annual Session General Arrangements) and Jane Snyder (Recording Clerk).

CC 4/09.2  The evening session was devoted to activities to deepen the connections among Friends serving on the newly formed Coordinating Committee.  Our changed approach to accomplishing the work of North Pacific Yearly Meeting will involve more emphasis on networking and fewer business items considered for approval at Coordinating Committee meetings.  Exercises were designed to establish relationships among us that will enhance our future ability to encourage each other and exchange useful ideas.  One task was that we were each asked to draw, from memory, a map of the states comprising North Pacific Yearly Meeting with the names of the Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups placed in location.  We learned much about one another, about the nature of North Pacific Yearly Meeting and about opportunities for our common efforts.

University Friends Meetinghouse
Morning Session

CC 4/09.3  Clerk Elee Hadley convened the meeting with the following quotation from St. Theresa of Avila:
 Christ has no body on earth but yours
 No hands but yours
 No feet but yours
 Yours are the eyes through which Christ looks out his compassion to the world
 Yours are the feet on which he is to go about doing good
 Yours are the hands which he is to bless now

Present were: Janet Jump (Nominating Committee), Margaret Coahran,(Pullman-Moscow), Debbie Townsend (Eastside), Jonathan Brown (South Seattle Preparative Meeting), Don Goldstein (Outreach and Visitation), Norm Pasche (Treasurer), David Wright (University), Timothy Travis (Discipline),Lou Landry (Boise Valley, Peace and Social Concerns), Patty Damento (Agate Passage), Annis Bleeke (Assistant Clerk), Michael Williams (Eugene), Charlie Kimball (Finance and Legal), Alice Robb (Secretary), Keith Kohan (Salem), Elee Hadley (Clerk), Helen Dart (NPYM Presiding Clerk), Kristina Sullivan (Tacoma), Ted Etter (Annual Session General Arrangements), Chris Cradler (Bridge City), Lucy Fullerton (Committee on Ministry and Oversight), Ed Averill (Information Technology), Debbie Averill,and Jane Snyder (Recording Clerk).

CC 4/09.4  As promised the previous evening, Clerk Elee distributed maps of the Yearly Meeting to which we could compare our hand drawn ones from the evening before.  Elee invited us to engrave this map on our hearts, as it is fundamental to our work as a Coordinating Committee.  

CC 4/09.5  Those present responded to the query: How do you see Coordinating Committee different from Steering Committee?
Differences mentioned include:
� meeting less frequently
� no budget decisions
� no allocations outside budget
� no nomination approvals
� each  member of the committee is available to Friends throughout the Yearly Meeting
� looking for intersections and interchanges among Meetings
� hearing what standing committees are up to
� being a voice for small Meetings and isolated Friends
� stable  group comprised of the same people each time
� advocate forYearly Meeting in Monthly Meetings

CC 4/09.6  Coordinating Committee members then responded to the query:
Who are we as a Yearly Meeting?  What do you see NPYM becoming?  What will it “look like”?
Responses offered include:
� we are at a crossroads, we may strengthen; we may divide
� we are “coastal centric”
� we have a desire to be connected
� in large, wide open spaces, visibility is a trick
� relationship between Yearly Meeting and individuals
� potential for e-mail
� NPYM is known outside itself for its  Faith and Practice  and for its leaders of other Quaker organizations
� we are known for our relationship to NWYM
� we're the people who can re-invent ourselves
� we are a loose confederation of fellowship in the spirit
� we are connected through concrete things Meetings can do for each other

CC 4/09.7  Next responses are to the query: What would you like to see Coordinating Committee accomplish?
� serve as another set of eyes to look at NPYM
� advocate for the children
� respond to the concerns of our aging population within our Meetings
� “We are like a fountain, a source of ideas and inspiration

CC 4/09.8  In good order, our Clerk guided us through a review of our job description.  Several items were noted.  In order to insure continuity of the membership of the Coordinating Committee, members from Agate passage through Missoula Meetings, on an alphabetical list of NPYM Meetings, will serve terms to 2011, and members from Multnomah through University until 2012. 

Coordinating Committee members are encouraged to fill out reimbursement forms even if planning to donate costs to NPYM, in order that we know our operating costs.  Some Meetings have chosen not to or are not able to send members to Coordinating Committee.  Effort will be made to include those Meetings by contact from members of Coordinating Committee.  

Kristina Sullivan will reach out to Olympia Meeting; Don Goldstein to Sandpoint; Debbie Townsend to Walla Walla; Alice Robb to Billings; Ted Etter to Heartland and Jane Snyder to South Mountain.  It was noted that except for Olympia, the Meetings without Coordinating Committee membership are distant from the central geography of NPYM. 

We will be evaluating the work of our committee on a specific timeline.

CC 4/09.9  During the Site Committee report, it was noted that it is important to members of the Friend in Residence Committee to have information about the dates and places of future Annual Sessions two years in advance.  As we consider the possibility of returning to Pacific Lutheran University in 2011, we are reminded that accessibility is a challenge at that location.  

CC 4/09.10  The Nominating Committee report included a concern that help is needed finding a Rising Clerk, a Presiding Clerk, Members and Clerk of the Finance and Legal Committee and members for the 2010 Annual Meeting Planning Committee.  Nominating Committee recommends changing the terms of service of its members from 2 year terms to 3 year terms, as our new process has greater time gaps between when Friends are asked to serve and when terms actually begin.

CC 4/09.11  A main concern of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee is to encourage Friends to attend Annual Session in 2009, despite challenges individuals may have in affording the costs; and concerns about traveling the distance and the effect our travel may have on climate change.  A perspective to consider is:  It's a gift  from  a Friend  to  NPYM to accept financial aid to attend NPYM because each Friend's attendance is a gift to the Yearly Meeting.  There will be financial breaks to encourage families with children to attend.

CC 4/09.12   Peace & Social Concerns Committee report noted that, in attempting to establish liaison between the Yearly Meeting Peace & Social Concerns Committee and individual Monthly Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Committees, phone calls were proving more effective than e-mail messages. They report that concern for the children exists in all the meetings they have contacted.  The Committee has begun seasoning a minute on torture, as well as following up on the 2008 NPYM minute on climate change.  Meetings are encouraged to respond to the solicitation for nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  

CC 4/09.13  Kristina Sullivan reported on behalf of the Youth Committee.  They plan an interest group for Annual Session and are working on a policy on the safety of minors at NPYM.

CC 4/09.14 The Finance and Legal Committee reported difficulty getting together and following through. Friends  approved the by laws as amended to include indemnity for members on the Yearly Meeting Committee on Ministry and Oversight.  Our treasurer and the Clerk of Finance and Legal will file the new by-laws in the State of Oregon.

CC 4/09.15  The Committee on the Discipline (Faith and Practice) notes that Friends in NPYM are waking up to the process of writing a discipline as we go along.  An overall view of NPYM as represented in  Faith and Practice is taking shape: inclusive, united and independent.  The discipline will include writings in which “I can see myself, you can see yourself and we can put up with seeing each other.”  The Discipline Committee sees itself sitting in the middle of NPYM activities,  listening .  When asked about timeline, the response was that “we are not going to outdrive our headlights.”

CC 4/09.16  The Committee on Ministry and Oversight shares the concern of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee to encourage Friends to attend Annual Session.  Friends seeking financial aid contact their Monthly Meetings first.  Monthly Meetings approve financial aid as they see fit and forward those names to the registrar.  If Monthly Meetings have exhausted their scholarship funds, then the Monthly Meeting forwards the request to the Yearly Meeting scholarship fund.  Isolated Friends and Friends from unaffiliated Worship Groups apply directly to the Annual Meeting scholarship fund.

CC 4/09.17  Friends  approved  laying down the Youth Opportunity Fund Committee.

CC 4/09.18  The Personnel Committee met with NPYM Secretary, Alice Robb, on April 17.  The Committee members are the Presiding Clerk, the Coordinating Committee Clerk, and the Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk who serves as Clerk of the Personnel Committee .  Alice Robb has been in this position since March 2005.  The job of compiling the NPYM directory is part of her work.  The secretary has one database for the Yearly Meeting so that all updates are available for all purposes with a single entry.  The secretary can assist the work of committees by forwarding requests and messages from
 committee clerks to the contacts she maintains for Meetings and Worship Groups, as well as providing an updated list of these contacts to committee clerks for their use.  The Personnel Committee finds Alice's work commendable, and recommends, to take effect October 1,

� combine the hours currently allocated for directory work with those already authorized for secretary work.  This means the  maximum  number of hours for the secretary will be 625/year.
� Award Alice Robb a 5% COLA, raising her hourly rate from $15.00/hour to $15.75/hour.
Friends  approved  these recommendations.

CC 4/09.19  The Executive Committee reported difficulty finding members for the committee to review our affiliation with Friends for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Concerns (FLGTBQC). Nancy McLaughlin has agreed to clerk the review committee.

CC 4/09.20  Information and Technology Committee reports that the contract with the Friends who will develop software to use for registration for Annual Session 2010 and beyond is complete.  Margaret Coahran will be the team coordinator.

CC 4/09.21  In considering the budget for the fiscal year October, 2009 to September 2010 a line item was added of $3,000.00 under administrative costs for extraordinary opportunities. The proposed budget is attached to these minutes.

CC 4/09.22 A Pre-Nominating Committee consisting of Michael Williams (clerk), Lou Landry and Alice Robb was  appointed  to identify 3 new members for Nominating Committee, including a clerk for the committee.  

CC 4/09.23  The concern from Eastside Meeting regarding membership will be discussed by our Committee on Ministry and Oversight and Youth Committees, and will be further discussed at an interest group at Annual Session.

CC 4/09.24  Friends  approved  a five year permission for  Western Friend to use the NPYM contact list. Friends are able to opt out of inclusion in the sharing of the contact list to those approved by Coordinating Committee.  Executive Committee will review past practice for releasing the mailing list and, in the future, the Executive Committee will consider and decide upon requests to use the NPYMmailing list.

CC 4/09.25  An ad hoc committee will be named by Executive Committee, in accordance with our Affiliation Policy, to examine the request to affiliate NPYM with FGC.  It is expected that the examination process will take about two years.

CC 4/09.26  Outreach and Visitation will explore the possibility of having a newsletter for NPYM. Clerk, Don Goldstein, would welcome ideas and suggestions.

CC 4/09.27  Minutes of this meeting will be prepared for timely circulation by the Recording Clerk and the Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk while the Coordinating Committee Clerk is out of the country.

CC 4/09.27  The first meeting of NPYM Coordinating Committee concluded with a period of expectant silent worship.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Snyder, Recording Clerk
Annis Bleeke, Associate Coordinating Committee Clerk