North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Coordinating Committee Minutes of April 14, 2012

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Olympia Monthly Meeting, Olympia, WA

CC04/14.0 Clerk Melody Ashworth opened the meeting with silent worship and a quote from Thomas Kelly,

I wish I might emphasize how life becomes simplified when dominated by faithfulness to a few concerns. Too many of us have too many irons in the fire. We get distracted by the intellectual claim to our interest in a thousand and one good things, and before we know it we are pulled and hauled breathlessly along by an overburdened program of good committees and good undertakings.

Present were:

Melody Ashworth, Coordinating Committee Clerk, South Mountain

Elee Hadley, CC Associate Clerk, Umpqua Valley

Carrie Black, CC Recording Clerk, Young Friends Co Clerk, Eugene

Otis Kenny, Boise Valley

Annis Bleeke, Multnomah

Eddy Crouch, Friends World Committee for Consultation

Linda Kocourek, North Pacific Yearly Meeting Secretary

Pam Melick, Nominating Committee Clerk, Bridge City

John Allcott, Annual Session Presiding Clerk, Eugene

Chris Cradler, Bridge City

Beth Rodman, Olympia

Margaret Coahran, Pullman-Moscow

Mari Ruth Petzing, Young Friends

Keith Kohan, Salem

Tom Rawson, Salmon Bay, Lopez Island

Bill Ashworth, South Mountain

Chris Willard, Tacoma

Kathryn Sharp, South Seattle

Marty Crouch, Webkeeper

Lynn Travis, Youth Committee Clerk, Bridge City

Clint Weimeister, Information Technology Committee Clerk, Port Townsend

David Wright, University

Donal Sullivan, Finance & Legal Committee Clerk

CC04/14.1 Friends for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns affiliation will be decided at Annual Session, with a clear support from Coordinating Committee.

CC04/14.2 Nominations

First hearing of the names and reminder that approval and the discussion of the rest of the report will both come later.

Resignations that have occurred this nominating cycle were given: Nominating committee member, Information Technology committee member, General Arrangements Co-Clerk, Children's Program Coordinators, Western Friend board member, Peace and Social Concerns committee clerk.

Pam Melick listed vacancies still needing to be filled. Children’s Program and relevant nominations will be addressed after break, as will a discussion of the state of Nominating Committee. How can we simplify and move forward?

CC04/14.3 Executive Committee report:

Executive Committee continued the routine annual practice of approving a one-time use of the Washington State portion of the Directory by the Friends Committee on WA Public Policy (FCWPP) for a once a year mailing. Is Coordinating Committee willing to make that annual use automatic?

The question was brought up, and we did not find unity. There was a rich discussion that we will continue.

Further discussion at a wider level may be needed.

CC04/14.4 AS refund policy:

Coordinating Committee agrees on a change to the refund policy approved by NPYM Steering Committee in 1979. Henceforth, registration fees as well as money for room and board are all refundable, until a date established each year by the Annual Session Planning Committee. Approved.

After a short break, ELee Hadley passed out reports from representatives to American Friends Service Committee, Friends World Committee for Consultation, and the Ad hoc Committee on NPYM Representatives and Funding for Affiliated Organizations.

We settled into worship discussion on the open-ended questions in the Nominating Committee report, and on the Recommendations for redefining the Children's Program Coordinator position.

CC04/14.5 Nominating Committee

Is there a problem with the way we are structured? Where can we let go, and what can we lay down? What makes the most sense to do at the Yearly Meeting level?

Some committees and positions fill historical roles, but might not be needed at this time.

We may need to scale back on the structure and focus on becoming friends with each other, building relationships, and understanding our gifts.

To help Nominating Committee, we may need to reduce the number of positions they have to fill.

CC04/14.6 Children's Program Coordination

Youth Committee is going to provide info for an ad hoc Committee to redefine Children's Program Coordinator position so that it accurately reflects the time and energy needed, and the tasks that need to get done. The format of working in a Committee is helpful, but they would not like to be responsible for this job in the future (it is not in their job description, but they are happy to help for now). We need a job description before we can ask someone to serve.

We will re-address these issues after lunch.

We finished the morning portion with a moment of silence and a song led by Tom Rawson.

CC04/14.7 Secretary report

The database has been constructed, but is not yet in use. We are still waiting for some parts from IT, including the data entry page. The data entry page will be in LibreOffice, a free program that is available to download. Eventually, this page may be available for monthly meetings to manage their own directories. A suggestion was made to provide a demonstration of the data entry page at Annual Session.

CC04/14.8 Site Committee report

Annual Session 2015/2016 will be at Whitworth College, Spokane, WA; we have tentative booking, depending on details. Annual Session 2013/2014 will be at Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR.

CC04/14.9 Nominations

The following names were approved:

Outreach & Visitation: Pablo Stanfield (University) 04/12-09/1?. (Terms of two lengths were open; Nominating committee will confirm with Pablo which he is filling.)

Epistle Committee: Avery Welkin (Multnomah) 04/12-09/12

How can we fill the positions that need to be filled, while reducing the workload for Nominating Committee (currently only a three person committee)? How will Nominating Committee positions be filled?

Minute: After a long period of worshipful considerations, we came to the decision that we encourage the Nominating Committee to focus on the following crucial nominations: 2013 Annual Session positions and 2012 volunteer coordinator, rising clerk, AS recording clerk, Coordinating Committee associate clerk, 4th Junior Friends advisor, Webkeeper, Ministry & Oversight Committee, Youth Committee, and Nominating Committee. Given everything that is being asked of Nominating Committee, CC wishes to relieve them of filling the other positions at this time.


-We have not been able to support the committee as needed in the nominations process. We do not expect Nominating Com to burn themselves out trying to fulfill their positions.

-Filling positions for Nominating Committee is still a priority, but the Coordinating Committee was regretfully unable to come to agreement on ways to fill these positions. We will explore the idea of looking at Quarterly Meetings for these positions. We are open to more ideas on how to move forward.

-Developing deeper relationships within the Yearly Meeting and strengthening the relationships with monthly meetings are important for nominations.

We returned from break with a game to model possible local discussions of Friends General Conference affiliation, and then entered into worship discussion on the seasoning and evaluation process.

CC04/14.10 Length of Annual Session

Responses to the surveys say that cost, length, and structure of AS were all important. How can we make cost more accessible to everyone? Can we divide the week into sections where people can attend for the part of the time and still have a good experience?

What has changed at AS (demographics, etc)? What is the framework of our discussion? Mari Ruth Petzing and Margaret Coahran will help the ad hoc Committee to create and present a document with such statistics.

CC04/14.11 Coordinating Committee evaluation

CC has been tasked to design and oversee the evaluation of the new structure as a whole. What kind of evaluation would we like the Yearly Meeting to share? The evaluation should include qualitative and quantitative approaches, with conversations and surveys.

During our discussions today, we have been struggling with the structure of Annual Session. An evaluation of the new structure needs more time and a designated small group of people.

An ad hoc committee on the evaluation of the new structure will be proposed at AS in July, made available to people who have a leading and energy for this task.

CC04/14.12 Housekeeping and unfinished details

The next meeting will be July 18, 3PM at Annual Session (giving time for other Committees to bring us final reports). The fall meeting will be November 10 at Multnomah Meeting.

The CC website is currently broken, and unless we care a lot it might not return. This is part of the ongoing conversation concerning the use of technologies in our YM. There is a desire for more current information, as well as accurate records, which may be reflected in our choice of Webmaster. The meeting gave appreciation for Marty as a dedicated Webkeeper.

CC04/14.13 Finance & Legal report

The NPYM budget is the business of AS, not CC (part of the new system of structure). If people have expenses re the CC meeting, please fill out a reimbursement request and mail it to the Treasurer, Laura Arcidiacono.

We finished in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Black, CC Recording Clerk

Melody Ashworth, Coordinating Committee Clerk